Top Five Stoner Comedians

Top Five Stoner Comedians

Laughing and smoking pot are two things that just work well together. So watching stand up while high is not an uncommon thing. There are tons of comedians out there, most of whom are indulging in smoke pre-routine smoke ups themselves. While not only managing to make us laugh, some of these jokesters also have some really good points about cannabis legalization, smoking weed, or just being a stoner in general.

1. Joe Rogan


Once only known as “the dude from Fear Factor”, Joe Rogan has proven to be a seriously awesome advocate for marijuana. Not only is he totally open about his smoking habits, he makes extremely good points regarding some of the things said by anti-cannabis protesters. His stand up acts also tend to include fifteen minute bits (at least) talking about marijuana.

2. Katt Williams

katt williams

This dude has absolutely no shame when it comes to smoking weed. In fact, he has a whole routine just based on the plant. With quotes like “I like weed… It’s fantastic” and “if you got kids, you gonna have to cut down on your weed consumption – it’s not cool to get high and eat all yo’ baby’s cereal”, Williams in a comedian that every stoner will get a laugh from.

3. Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Marijuana

Not laughing at his acts just means you may be inhuman. Chappelle is absolutely hilarious, mentioning not only weed but crack, meth, cocaine, and every other illicit substance known to man. Regardless of whether it’s his show or his stand up, Chappelle is a great comedian and is in the process of booking a tour now.

4. Mitch Hedberg


Unfortunately found dead in his hotel room in New Jersey in 2005, Mitch Hedberg is the man who was quoted saying “I used to do drugs. I still do but I used to, too”. Hedberg didn’t stick to just bud, however, even though stoners find him hilarious. He reportedly suffered a severe overdose and the medical examiner stated that both cocaine and heroin were in Hedberg’s system. As always, it seems like the best leave far too soon (Chris Farley, John Candy, etc).

5. Lewis Black


Addressing all issues across the board in his crazed, high energy fashion, Lewis Black is one of my personal favorites. He’s constantly yelling and shouting during his acts it seems. In an interview, Black is quoted saying, “My feeling is that we need to leave a legacy behind. I believe this is what my generation came to the planet to do, and that is legalize pot. If we do that, we leave behind a true legacy.”

Top Five Stoner Comedians