Ten US Politicians That Admit To Toking

Ten US Politicians That Admit To Toking

Politicians, while seemingly against marijuana use for the most part (although more are beginning to realize the benefits of the plant, whether it be for monetary reasons or just plain common sense), were all young once. They didn’t know that they would someday be in a fancy office, passing laws. So what did they do? Smoked weed, just like us. Even though they may be against it now (or not), there are many US politicians that have rolled a joint or two in their day.

– Obama has admitted to smoking and there are even photos of him that circulate the internet where he is holding a joint. Even though the Obama administration has had numerous raids on marijuana establishments, the current President has told people that he has indeed smoked a doobie or two in his day.

– John Kerry appeared on Rock The Vote in 2003, where the candidates were asked, “Which of you are ready to admit that you’ve used marijuana in the past?” Kerry, who is now the Secretary of State, simply responded, “Yes.”

– Even though Republican Rand Paul says that using marijuana will cause users to “lose IQ points”, a female college classmate has stated that Paul and his friend actually kidnapped her at one point and tried to make her smoke weed with them. Doesn’t seem like a typical stoner move but maybe it was just really good weed that they wanted to share?

– George W. Bush should’ve rethought his answer to a question directed at him back in 2005. He told reporters that he “didn’t want to answer marijuana questions. Want to know why? Because I don’t want some little kid doing what I tried.”

– “I did not inhale.” If you don’t know who said that, you definitely haven’t been paying attention to the memes of the internet. Bill Clinton was the one who said that famous line, claiming that when he did try smoking weed, he didn’t actually inhale the smoke. But when asked again, Clinton said, “I never denied that I used marijuana. I told the truth, I thought it was funny.” So do we, Bill.

– While New York’s Mayor Mike Bloomberg says that legalizing marijuana is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, he told New York Magazine in 2001 that he indeed had smoked a joint and enjoyed it.

– Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, is not a huge fan of marijuana legalization but he’s not opposed to the idea either. He has admitted to trying the plant before but doesn’t seem fond of his choice to indulge in the ganja.

– At this point in time, Sarah Palin is more of a celebrity figure as compared to a politician but she has freely said that she’s tried smoking weed. “I can’t claim a Bill Clinton and say I never inhaled,” stated the former Alaskan governor in a 2006 interview with Anchorage Daily News.

– Imagine growing up in a world where marijuana was legal… What a great thought, right? Well according to rumors, it almost happened when John F. Kennedy was in office. JFK reportedly wanted to legalize marijuana and was an avid user because of insufferable back pain.

– Most people are aware that our first President, George Washington, was a huge fan of growing hemp. He pushed for cultivation of the plant and was said to even smoke cannabis in order to relieve the pain that he was in due to his false teeth.

Ten US Politicians That Admit To Toking