Stoner Dictionary | CBD

CBD: noun 1. cannabidiol, an extremely beneficial but non-psychotropic ingredient in marijuana

Example: “I wish more strains had a higher CBD percentage because it helps fight cancer.”

The hidden heroes, the underdogs, the cure for cancer, whatever you want to call them, CBDs are a somewhat newly discovered active ingredient in the sacred herb we know as Mary Jane. Cannabidiol and cannabinol (CBN) have greater health benefits than THC but are not psychoactive. They are also a very low percentage, usually averaging from 0.2% to 2% and more difficult to extract than THC. There are some relatively new medically bred strains such as Harlequin, which have a low THC percentage (2-5%) and extremely high CBD percentage (an unheard of 5-10%) which is best prescribed for older patients who want the medicinal benefits of marijuana but not the psychoactive effects. CBDs are similar to many synthetic anti-psychotic chemicals and have been proven in many studies to provide relief from inflammation, epilepsy and has even, in some cases, slowed the growth of cancer causing cells. A true medical marvel, but not a favorite amongst stoners for obvious reasons,

strains like Harlequin can completely change the global perspective of marijuana

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