Landon Riddle; A Child’s Long Walk To Recovery

Landon Riddle; A Child’s Long Walk To Recovery

Recently we have had the pleasure of reconnecting with Landon Riddle. When Landon was only 3 years old he was diagnosed an aggressive form of leukemia. This was devastating and almost took his life. His mother Sierra, turned to medical marijuana after a long heart breaking time with radiation and chemotherapy, which took a devastating toll on his overall well being.


Here is an update on Landon Riddle’s Long Walk To Recovery

Update for Landon Riddle – May, 2019
Age 4: Landon went into remission on November 15, 2012 and has remained in remission now for 6.5 years.

Chemotherapy, Radiation, and all narcotics were stopped in August 2013. From this point on Landon has not taken any pharmaceuticals to keep him in remission. He has and continues to take cannabis oil daily and will for the rest of his life to ensure that he does not contract any secondary cancers from the harsh chemo, radiation and drugs.


However, the damage from the toxic chemo and drugs has been severe in many areas of Landon’s life.


  • Landon is 9 years old and he still cannot read.
  • Landon experiences severe PTSD in any stressful situation and still exhibits a low emotional intelligence when dealing with any anxiety or stress.
  • Landon struggles with relationships as he was forced during ‘treatment’ to do things that harmed him. In his mind he was abused by the medical establishment, and we agree. He was restrained and covered in bruises from the restraints and being held down. He has ZERO trust in adults and is terrified of most doctors.
  • Landon still has weakness in his arms and hands from the neuropathy and is in physical therapy to work on this.
  • Landon tends to isolate himself at home especially when he is under stress. He will act out and push everyone’s buttons due to frustration. Even though Landon is 9 years old, he reacts to the world around him as if he were 5 years old. The deficits are huge and ongoing. Landon has learned to become a control freak as he believes that if he can be in control of a situation, then he will have the ability to keep it from hurting him. He lives every single day of his life trying to control every situation.
  • Landon lives in a world where he is reminded every single day that he almost died and that he is different than the other kids at school. He sees the deficits in his brain and life and he believes that he will never get better. He truly thinks that the chemo damage can never be undone.
  • When Landon gets scared he goes into full PTSD mode and begins to severely act out. He will scream, throw a fit, and become abusive to anyone around. It is even worse when the adults that are around him do not know how to help him in this situation and it all escalates. This includes school and all areas of Landon’s life


Areas of Wellness:

  • The cannabis oil has cured Landon of almost all of the severe neuropathy in his legs.
  • Landon is very good in math so we know that area of his brain has been healed by the cannabis oil.
  • Landon no longer has nightmares as the cannabis has healed that section of his brain as well
  • Landon sleeps very well so his body gets the good deep sleep that he needs to heal his body as he takes his cannabis oil at night.
  • Landon is very resilient and is learning to become his own advocate and learning how to advocate for others.
  • The most important part of this update is: LANDON IS ALIVE AND THRIVING IN MANY AREAS!!! He no longer has pain, he sleeps well, he is at TARGET WEIGHT for the first time since his diagnosis in 2012!!! He is at TARGET HEIGHT for the first time since his diagnosis in 2012!!! CANNABIS has saved his life and continues to do so! The healing may come slow but it is STEADY improvement!!!!

Landon has an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank under the name Offer Hope For Landon – Anyone can go to any Wells Fargo Bank and make a donation directly into this account!

Acct # 7964393669 Please consider helping this family in their time of need!

Like Landon’s FB page Offer Hope for Landon

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Landon Riddle’s Story Updated

Landon Riddle’s Story

Landon Riddle’s Story

Stoners and protesters a like can’t argue that children going through chemotherapy is one of the saddest sights around. It’s children especially that deserve the best cure for their illnesses.

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Lately, it seems like the best cure around is cannabis. Just ask the Riddle family from Colorado Springs. They, along with many others, know firsthand that cannabis isn’t just for potheads anymore. Landon Riddle, the 3-year-old son of Sierra Riddle, has an aggressive form of leukemia. As is the norm, the young child was put on radiation and chemotherapy, which took a devastating toll on his overall well being.

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Shortly after starting treatment, Landon’s health began to deteriorate at an alarming rate. He was vomiting multiple times a day and developed severe nerve damage in his legs. The boy was incredibly sick and on a constant diet of Morphine, Ativan, and Promethexane.

But when nothing seemed to work and Landon still got worse, Sierra turned to medical marijuana to help her child.

Landons Riddles cannabis cure

She even moved them from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs so that Landon could get the medicine he needed. Landon started his cannabis oil treatment in January of 2013. Miraculously, the cancer started to recede, causing doctors to scratch their heads. Riddle continued the cannabis treatment and took Landon off of chemotherapy in July.


Unfortunately for Sierra, not everyone agreed that the child should be off of chemo. A doctor actually threatened to call Child Protective Services on the family, which ended up with an agent knocking on the Riddle’s doors. Regardless of that ignorant doctor’s disbelief, Landon has improved drastically, going from a lethargic, sick little boy to a running, playing, happy 3-year-old.


Unfortunately for the family, the government has stuck it’s big nose where it doesn’t belong and has required that Landon be put back in chemo, even though Landon is already in remission. Sierra stated that forcing her to do this to her child is abuse, which I can’t say I disagree with. Children should definitely not have to go through chemotherapy if there is a natural, side effect free cure available.

Since the courts actually threatened to remove Landon from Sierra’s care, the mother has no choice but to put her son back on the awful regimen of chemo. He is still getting cannabis but his mother wants him off permanently. Chemotherapy is severely damaging, especially in this case with the nerve damage to Landon’s legs. This is a huge infringement on parental rights and the rights of the child.


As of right now, Landon and his family are raising money to get Landon the treatment he deserves through a doctor in Arizona. That doctor has said that he will drastically change the course of treatment for the three year old. Landon will get less steroids and far less chemo. We can only hope that the child will be allowed to use a natural cure rather than the poisonous “treatment” known as chemotherapy. Other children as well should be able to avoid suffering in chemotherapy and be able to live their childhoods happily. Stonerdays sends positive vibes and well wishes to Landon and his family for being so strong! GO CANNABIS!

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Wanna help? Landon has an account set up at Wells Fargo Bank under the name Offer Hope For Landon – Anyone can go to any Wells Fargo Bank and make a donation directly into this account!

Acct # 7964393669 Please consider helping this family in their time of need!

Like Landon’s FB page Offer Hope for Landon

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Landon Riddle’s Story

Brave Mykayla’s Leukemia Fight

Brave Mykayla’s Leukemia Fight

The photograph of the little girl and her mother outside of a building, where the little girl is holding a sign that reads “cannabis cured my cancer” is famous in the stoner community. This little girl has been a cannabis patient for over a year now, as part of her treatment for an aggressive form of leukemia. She was diagnosed in July of 2012 and her father put her on a dose of cannabis. MyKayla gets a small amount of concentrated THC in pill form every day, along with her required chemotherapy treatment.

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The amount of improvement shown by this brave little girl is incredible. While some doctors credit her improved health to the chemo, the girl’s father and his girlfriend believe in the power of the plant. MyKayla uses the CBD to help her cope with the awful effects of the chemo. I believe that a child, especially, should be allowed (under doctor supervision) to be allowed to ingest cannabis to help with cancer and like illnesses. Chemotherapy is a severe way to treat cancer. Killing the good cells as well as the bad seems slightly futile to me. A child should be able to have a childhood, rather than spending it hooked up to machines and on a regimen of nasty pills.

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If cannabis continues to assist in the remission of cancer patients, then people will no longer be able to deny it’s ability to cure. There are other child patients that are benefiting from cannabis use, like Landon Riddle, a young boy in Colorado Springs. But, like Landon, MyKayla hasn’t improved without some speed bumps. Both children’s parents had CPS called on them when the cannabis treatment began. There are still some people that need convincing that replacing chemo with cannabis is an extremely positive thing.

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We should all understand that if we are diagnosed with any type of cancer we are faced as an individual with some significant decisions.  We will have to choose a cancer specialist, a hospital to be treated at, and how to cope with your family & friends while dealing with your treatment, but no one should have to decide on treating his/her Cancer by taking painful chemo therapy treatments while there is proven treatments through Marijuana that is pain free and efficient.  Cannabis becomes a more believable cure every day and not just for cancer. As the patients using cannabis improve, the cause becomes more legitimate. We’re not just ranting protesters. There are facts to back up our statements and it’s time that people start to listen.

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If children like MyKayla and Landon are getting help from cannabis, then it is possible that it’ll work for everyone. Curing cancer would be a huge win and would save so many lives, not to mention a lot of money. People would be able to live normal lives, even if they were going through chemo. Cannabis helps the patient to eat, sleep, and feel more healthy than without it. People will start to believe in the power of cannabis, whether they support it or not. Facts can’t be denied for long.

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Wanna Help? You can be apart of her struggle by donating to team Kayla CLICK HERE

Be sure to like Brave Mykayla’s FB Page.

Brave Mykayla’s Leukemia Fight