Stoners Random Topics Tuesday

Stoners Random Topics Tuesday

What do we really know about 4:20? How did it become the“stoner code”?

To tell you the truth, that article has been written a million times over, and I still don’t recall ever reading one credible fact about how 420 became solidified in our history, much less the most popularized stoner meme to date. (For an interesting expansion on that subject, check out Ryan Grim for the Huffington Post in “What 420 Means” 4/20/09).


The irony here is that this particular cannabis enthusiast, yours truly, can see 7:10 REPLACING the leaf in hippie circles across the globe. I plan to prevent total domination of the concentrate click by educating children on the important of seed cultivation. I’ll blurb ATTITUDE SEED CO. right here because I always drool over their strains in the High Times magazine. 710, for those who don’t know, is OIL upside-down and backwards. Currently, “hash oil” is the most sought after & over-priced THC item on any menu. I partake in dabs when the mood strikes me; (at least once a day now, usually) because inhaling Butane Hash Oil [BHO] is like skipping the process of smoking four bowls of herb, & going straight to Stonetown in one breath. (if you are THAT high, check out a cartoon designed by my favorite member of the Kottonmouth Kings, D-Loc. You’ll like this!) Most of the time though, I just observe the usual tradition of breaking up a lil bit, rolling a J or packing a bowl & sparking it with a friend.


I do have a wealth of knowledge and resources when it comes to medical cannabis in Arizona, my home state, but I don’t claim to be an O.G. This one dude I’ve seen all over youtube, internet famous for smoking bud, goes by BongLoaded, I am not trying to BE him but I wouldn’t mind a massive session with his krew and mine! We could meet in the middle of wherever we’re both at when this gets back to him! Always down to burn something! Anywho, I’ve got some AK-47 in my bowl, layered under a blanket of Blue Dream. I should call this Superfruit and put a cape on the jar, it’s so damn tasty. It’s almost criminal to combust something you adore so much! But I can’t help it, I vary my consumption of cannabinoids as much as possible, from time of day to quantity/strain. Life is all about enjoying the journey, not stressing over ending up at the final location. 4:20 & 7:10 are just little green fairies that appear twice each day on the clocks of those who are truly Blessed! _Bone$

Written by: Jakob Dodd (Bone$)

Stoners Random Topics Tuesday

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