Stoners Magical Northwest Adventure

Stoners Magical Northwest Adventure

On Instagram there are beautiful pictures of lost mountain passes and forgotten, dew-dripped highways that lead out into the sunset. Mixed with wandering pictures of lost hippy girls are their long slender fingers dripped around an expertly wrapped blunt. In order to achieve your perfect Instagram-worthy North-Western adventure, there are a few things you should know.


Stoners Love the Forest

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Remember to bring everything, being the most prepared person is the name of the game when enjoying your day here. Bring your fire, bring your tent, you can also reserve your campground ahead of time if you know where you want to stay. There are rainforests to see, and hot springs to hit up, from Bagby hot springs outside of Portland, to the Olympic hot springs in Washington, and nothing would ruin a day more than coming back to your tent only to find you forgot your towel. If you have a surplus store, or discount camping store near you, I would get what you need before you go or just turn your car into the ultimate tent. Don’t joke around with rain gear in the NorthWest, dew-dropped mornings come from thunderstorms all night. For camping I highly recommend bringing along edibles of some sort, as they will survive the trip easier, and you won’t have to worry about blocking for the wind when trying to light a pipe.

stoners-pacific-northwestStoners Along the Coast

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Think about renting a yurt. Many are heated and available by the coast for cents on what a hotel room will cost. Along the coast you can spend a whole day creeping on the edges of tidepools and touching the edge of nature. I would recommend spending time along the Pacific highway, cruising the rock touched shores in Oregon. While possessing weed is legal in Oregon, you cannot purchase it until October 01, and transporting it across state lines is technically a federal crime. That being said, while along the coast and ending your nights indoors, I would recommend going for long walks along the beach, away from any other guests visiting the beautiful Oregon coast, and taking a reefer-cigarette when you do. It is easier to dispose of and can be neatly tossed away, and it can also be easier to travel with just a small grinder, like this one, and some wraps rather than with a glass piece.


Getting Fresh in Seattle, or Grimy in Portland


Lose yourself in the beauty of Seattle, at the fish markets, in Chinatown, or in the museums, like Tacoma Glass museum. You could spend months crawling the streets of Seattle and just staring at things, but what you need to know before you go is where to get  your filling, I found a fairly easy to follow map with dispensaries and reviews about each of them here. I would recommend starting at China Town, and getting either a steaming cup, or milky boba tea in your hand before adventuring down to the wharf and looking through all the hidden shops and nooks and crannies hidden below it.


Portland is a grimier scene, like if Seattle was punk rock. You can’t buy weed here, but Vancouver is just over the bridge. Smoking there and enjoying the food trucks, and crazy donut scene in Portland is magical. I would also recommend going  Powell’s bookstore if you have a day to lose yourself among the mountains of books.


There are a thousand and a half places to lose yourself in the Northwest, it all depends on what real-life instagram picture you want to wander into. Where do you lose yourself into?


Mary Grace landed in the beautiful Boise, Idaho after a year as a west coast nomad. Tweet her @marmygrace or email her directly at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat.