Stonerdays Radio For Stoners By Stoners

Stonerdays Radio For Stoners By Stoners

It’s common knowledge that stoners love music more than anyone else.

 StonerDays Stoner Radio Smoke Weed Every Day

It relaxes, chills, and lightens the mood of any smoking sesh. Unfortunately, most of the stuff on the radio and on MTV is absolute garbage (We’ve all seen Miley’s chicken butt by this point… Ugh!). So if you’re smoking and you want to hear some stoner tunes, what do you do? Most people start using Slacker and looking up their favorite videos on YouTube.

Loving Life Stoner Radio |  StonerDays music  playlist

So what if I told you that Stonerdays has handpicked some of the chillest stoner music off of YouTube and created not only a music playlist but one that shows you videos too!? I can’t tell you how many stoners I know that love to throw on music and then use the iTunes visualizer to watch all of the awesome patterns and colors flash across the screen. There are tons of different genres to listen to on our radio and you can always switch it up by going back to the main page and selecting something different!

House music | Stoner music presented by StonerDays

All you need to do is going to, pick your genre, and just hit play! The songs will shuffle through videos and if you don’t like the song that pops up, just hit the “skip” button! You don’t even have to sign up for it, which is another awesome feature because getting emails from Pandora and Slacker definitely does get quite annoying after a while. Not only that but who likes ads in the middle of smoking? I’m sorry but when I’m getting high, I’m not thinking about buying a patio set from Pier 1 (I hear that ad all the time on Slacker… So terrible!). Our radio? NO ADS! You can enjoy your music without hearing some commercial about something you’re not interested in!

Stoner Radio | Bob Marley music playlist | StonerDays

The playlist on the Stonerdays radio gets changed everyday and it really is handpicked for stoners, by stoners.  There have been countless hours spent trying to bring you the best toking tunes we can find and we’ll continue to work on the radio for your listening pleasure! We promise!