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Even before I started working for Stonerdays, I absolutely loved the clothing.

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It’s rare to find a company that manages to walk the line between “too much” and “just enough”. While some companies are releasing shirts and clothes that basically look like sewn together leaves, Stonerdays understands that not every state is legal… And not every normal citizen knows stoner slang so it’s nice to be able to wear stoner clothing, like a Stonerdays shirts without getting the weird looks that I get when wearing some clothing. I’m not really one to care, to be honest. I enjoy making close minded people uncomfortable.

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The Stonerdays team knows that money is a tough thing to come by these days and everyone is always looking to save some money. Our solution to this issue is that we’ve created special coupon codes for you to use every time you shop with Stonerdays! These days, it’s almost required that you have some sort of marijuana paraphernalia to show your support of Mary Jane. Why not grab some Stonerdays gear since you can save some money? There are a bunch of reps floating around on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! We’ve decided to give you guys these 10% off codes because we appreciate the support and the devotion to the cause.

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Not only do we give out the coupon codes but you get free stickers with every order! If you think our shirts are dope, wait till you see the stickers. We have great designs at affordable prices, made even better by the 10% off. My personal code for the coupon is MISSBOTWIN. Feel free to use it, give it to friends, whatever. And if someone you follow on Instagram has a code in their bio, use it! Everyone here at Stonerdays knows that the only reason we’re here is because of you and this is our way of saying thanks! Make sure you take advantage of the coupons and get your Stonerdays gear TODAY!

Save Money With StonerDays