Pure VS Hybrid

Pure VS Hybrid; Stoner Guide

More strains of marijuana are introduced to the market every day. Growers are always creating and breeding new strains of cannabis, giving the consumer hundreds of different choices. Cannabis is grouped in to two different catagories; sativa and indica. Mixing these two different types create a hybrid, a plant which contain characteristics from a sativa strain and an indica strain. There are large differences between the pure strains and the hybrid strains. Some stoners will only smoke pure strains rather than hybrids.


The hybrids are definitely more of a common type of cannabis, easier to find in illegal places rather than pure strains. Another argument for the pros of hybrids is that they can be stronger than pure strains, since combining two extremely strong cannabis strains can make an even stronger result. This is a goal that many growers try to achieve, probably why the amount of hybrid weed available is so high. The cons of the mixing of strains is that there are some stoners who believe that mixing the two genes are completely ruining the cannabis gene pool and that strains should never be combined.


Pure strains are sought after because they are incredibly rare. A pure strain of sativa will allow users to get an active high, wanting to get things done as opposed to the indica strains, the kind of cannabis that locks you to the couch for hours. By not mixing the two, one can receive the full effects of that specific type of cannabis. There are some people who believe that the strains should always remain pure and that’s how they are suppose to be enjoyed. The pure indicia and sativa strains are especially loved because they are so rare. Having a hard to find strain can give you some status in the cannabis world, especially when you meet up with your buddies to smoke and you have the best weed out of the group!


Even though some stoners don’t think that the strains should be mixed, it’s good that growers and breeders are experiencing with new ideas. With more blends will come more strains that can help patients that need both sativa and indica qualities in their medicine. While sativa strains allow the user to go about their day without the tiring effects of indica, the latter prevents and stops pain. Combining the two strains can only benefit those patients that need cannabis to function during their daily activities.

Pure VS Hybrid; Stoner Guide