My Cat Ate My Pot Plants

My Cat Ate My Pot Plants

People who smoke pot usually have some sort of animal companion, whether it be a cat, dog, or turtle. Animals are just too cool to chill with when you’re stoned, am I right? However chill animals seem to be, they do pose a threat to our beloved Mary Jane. Animals love to mess with plants. Here’s some tips on how to keep your weed away from your pets… As well as the other way around.


I have a cat. She’s pretty smart… Sometimes. Spiteful little beast. She likes to climb all over my boyfriend and I when we sleep. So one day last week, we shut the door when we went to bed. Well, the cat wasn’t too thrilled about this. She ended up getting the door to my growroom opened with her little paws and managed to eat most of the leaves off of one of my plants. While the plant is still alive and doing well, the cat made it through about three and a half leaves before she stopped eating. Bitch move, cat.


Especially if you have cats, you have to watch out for their sneaky antics around any kind of plant, specifically your pot plants. Not only will a cat devour your plants but they also try to use them as litterboxes sometimes. The nerve of those felines! An easy way to keep your beloved cat away from your plants is to use some sort of citrus fruit rinds around the base of your plant. Cats hate citrus and the rinds will also be good for the plant. Just be sure that you have a way to combat bugs as well, as the fruit will attract pesky fruit flies. Powdered ginger will also work, as well as cayenne pepper, although I don’t recommend putting pepper in your pot plants. I’m too entirely sure if your buds would take on an “oh my god my eyes are bleeding” kind of smoking experience.


Dogs are the same way. Citrus smells deter them from eating and creating a mess out of your poor plants. You could spritz the plants with lemon juice as well, although again, I’m not sure how it would effect the buds. I have heard of people putting fruit in weeds bags so that it stays somewhat moist and gives the weed a fruity smell when in fact, it’s just bunk weed. But putting citrus rinds in the dirt of your plants will keep your furry companions at bay. I’m definitely envious that there are people that have pets that actually don’t eat their marijuana plants but not all of us are that lucky. Just remember to keep citrus fruit around your plants and your animals will stay away from your plants!

My Cat Ate My Pot Plants