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When hes not busy sharpening his own production crafts, Kansas-native Phil Canty a 22 year old Toy Merchant and DJ is probably making his moves as curator for Team Bear Club, a multi-faceted collective created by him and a group of friends to put forward music and events in the Lawrence, Kansas area. Phil Canty also know as Morri$ describes his musical background – Stoner pics

“My dad brought a lot of music into the house, a lot of dancehalll and jazz. He also had tons of old Chicago house records that he first came in contact with through his Chicago native college dorm mates. They brought him all of these tapes with music that they’d recorded off the radio from the likes of Todd Terry, Blackbox and Ten City. I heard a lot of that growing up. On the other hand, my mom has always really been into R&B, but more in the vein of New Edition or Ralph Tresvant, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Prince and those types of artists, Both my parents still continue to be invested in music as my mom is now a professor in history of music in Kansas and my dad is a radio personality.” 

Morri$ signifies a type of artist that is most valuable and increasingly rare these days; a purely talented producer that makes music with longevity and, most importantly, sincerity. For more stoner videos click HERE!! All videos are hand pick by stoners for stoners. ENJOY!!

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Morri$ – Affairs

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