Make it Bun Dem by Damian Marley and Skrillex

Make it Bun Dem by Damian Marley and Skrillex

It’s not new news that Damian Marley has the gift of making gold out of his rugged majestic voice, and Make it Bun Dem by Damian Marley and Skrillex is another one of those to be filled under “oh yeah”.

This is Skrillex meets Jamrock and Reggae meets dub step  all mashed into one package thrown into your ears like an 18 wheeler crashing into a wall.

It’s just that intense and gives you the notion to do nothing other than roll up the OG and get 3x as higher than you normally do.

The video speaks depth and dimension and tells a story of the struggle but also the power within us to be able to over come those obstacles.

Throwing this on in the background while your getting blazed might make you want to instantly dance or make you feel like you’ve been thrown into another dimension filled with instruments that don’t exist but sound fantastic and really loud none the less.

This is a rain dance turned THC festival that has everything you could ever want in your eardrums.

Jr. Gong and Skrillex have created a smash single and a collaboration that many may have not even seen coming. The unity of two different genres and cultures of music coming together for the greater good of music and the pot head nation. It’s going to be hard to sit still with this song selection, and even harder to not get high while vibing to it.

Crank up your system and get high, get higher than the rain clouds and stressful thoughts if only to get away for a minute and wiggle.

Be aware as the THC flows through ever muscle silently adjusting your senses to hear the full potential of this dope as musical madness.

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