Magician VS Stoner

Magician VS Stoner

Magician versus stoner, on the streets of San Fransisco California. What an epic turf war between a vacant looking stoner kid begging for drug money and a pocket sized old street magician whose talents in life include vaguely impressive card tricks and swearing at beggars.

I think he’s better at the yelling part,

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Magician VS Stoner

Top quality magical entertainment.  Mike is a member of Equity and The Magic Circle.  He is one of the few full-time professional magicians in the UK, providing entertainment at events across Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, London and beyond.Mike’s close-up magic and mind-reading is a great addition to any wedding, party or corporate event – treat your guests to something amazing!
Why Mike is the ideal entertainer for your event

Mike performs “close-up” which means that he mingles with your guests performing everything right in front of them, rather than from a stage.  Objects will appear, disappear and change.  Mike will read minds, predict the future and demonstrate the impossible.  Things you have seen on TV will happen for real – no camera tricks here!  Seeing the magic happen from a few feet away makes it all the more amazing – it is the ideal form of entertainment for people of all ages.  Guaranteed fun, laughter and astonishment – perfect for any occasion.Mike is one of the few full-time professional magicians in the UK.  He is also one of the busiest, having performed at 153 events in Berkshire, Surrey, London and across Southern England during 2012.  He has done magic for many celebrities and household name companies – see theCelebrities and News/Blog page of this website for details of some of his recent appearances and see the Gallery for pictures of Mike in action at parties and weddings.

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