Lindsey Stirling – Elements dubstep violin original

Lindsey Stirling – Elements dubstep violin original

Can you say…Amazing! Wow, this girls got talent. Lindsey Stirling rocks the violin in this dubstep  song.

Lindsey Stirling is an American violinist, dancer, and composer who in 2010 was a quarter-finalist on the fifth season of America’s Got Talent and boy did she bring it.

lindsey stirling

The song Elements was released in 2012 and has climbed the music charts worldwide. From hip-hop to dubstep and classical to pop, this extraordinary artist defiantly gets heads turning and bodies moving to that heavenly beat. Lindsey Stirling sends beautiful tingling chills down my spine when she plays her violin. To be able to be such an amazing and talented artist is definitely a gift from the musical gods. Let your mind and body dance with a higher state of mind as you listen to the melodies she has created. To reach that ultimate feeling of peace I recommend a nice smooth sativa strand. Perhaps you should go with my favorite, white fire. Fire is of course one of the elements Lindsey includes in her movements of dance. Fully pack up the bong or pipe, which ever you prefer and inhale the white fire kush. Now we are ready to explore the more in depth side of the elements.

Feel the elements surrounding you;  light the fire, inhale the smokey vapor water…exhale the smokey breathe of life and fall into the Mother Earth.


Love your life, Live your life. All videos are hand picked by stoners for stoners. Enjoy and don’t forget to be at a Higher State of Mind!

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Lindsey Stirling – Elements dubstep violin original



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