Lazy Stoners Or Uneducated Name Callers?

Lazy Stoners Or Uneducated Name Callers?

There’s a strong stereotype surrounding the cannabis community… We are lazy, stupid, and can’t contribute to society at all.

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Now, that’s pretty harsh. There are all kinds of people that smoke weed. From young teens to senior citizens, almost everyone has smoked cannabis at some point in their life. Is their stereotype really true? Are we really that lazy?

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In the time that I’ve been writing for the cannabis blogs that circulate the internet, I have seen hundreds of different stoners. I’ve seen the lazy do-nothings. Just because they don’t have any long term goals doesn’t mean that they’re not good people. If you’re a lazy stoner, chances are you weren’t that active to begin with. However, the majority of the people that I’ve dealt with are all types. There have been massive feeds I’ve seen run by teachers, cannabis cooking sites run by 80 year old women, and stoners that win gold medals in the Olympics. Lazy? Not so much.


If stoners are lazy, then why does it seem we’re the only group of people that are actively fighting for a cause? Stoners are not lazy people. By thinking hard and opening our minds to alternate possibilities, stoners are the ones that are creating new and improved ways to live life. The companies that sell stoner products are some of the most innovative out there. While on a small scale, these awesome products make the stoner’s life easier. Imagine if these people had the money and funding to make products that everyone could use to better their lives… How much better would the world be then?


Stoners aren’t lazy. That rude rumor was definitely invented by someone who’s never smoked, let alone knows anything about what cannabis does. If anything, smoking weed makes it okay to have a lazy day. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? While some people are rushing through life, getting closer and closer to the inevitable end, potheads have learned to slow down, to enjoy life, and to see things as they really are. There’s a large difference between lazy and what stoners do. It would be great if people could understand that concept and stop labeling smokers as lazy bums.

Lazy Stoners Or Uneducated Name Callers?

79 thoughts on “Lazy Stoners Or Uneducated Name Callers?

  1. mikew says:

    I play football (soccer to u Americans), play music in a band, am a pretty good photographer, drive vehicles, have a very active social life and amgenerally a very motivated n nice person, all whilst smoking this lovely gift the earth gave us. Miseducation that all drugs are the same is a very concerning issue all around the world and perhaps if people aren’t so negative towards cannabis then the government, medical and police would all have a much easier job. Oh n smoking weed give you the most important life skill ever……common sense!!;

  2. Casey says:

    It bothers me that the people who no nothing about weed and have never smoked it talk bad about it. I started smoking weed on my tenth birthday and I don’t have a lazy bone in my body! I’ve worked since I was 13 years old and have done and seen all kinds of crazy things with money that I made while working high. And have never been fired for having a lazy work ethic. Just for failed drug testing because its apparently “unsafe to work under the influence of marijuana”. Also let me make a note on how I’ve never been injured on a job site,and have prevented many of accidents while I was high. People need to come to the knowledge of how marijuana is no drug like heroin or meth. Its a God given medicine then people refuse to accept because the only side effects’ are getting high. And you can’t control human pollution with a homegrown medication that doesn’t kill you can you? Nope. And its hard to legalize something that the people of America want huh? Yea its hard. I thought all branches of governmental authority and power was to stand for and protect the people’s of America,not steal our money and make this country what the cock slobbering cumm addicts in there offices want. Its a shame what we have let those cock smacks do to this country and now they want to use us weed smokers and lovers to pay the debts the my created with money from legalization of marijuana taxes and fund money. Not from me though the government ain’t getting not one more penny out of my ass. And that’s how every should feel. Let them bitches pay they’re debts them self’s the same way they made them and leave us stoners out of there fuck ahit.

  3. kushmaster says:

    Amen brother thanks for your insight Casey, keep up the good work and lets show the world how awesome stoners are in any situation. Stay blazed my friend.

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