Stoner Dictionary | Kind

Kind: adjective 1. a term that describes highly potent marijuana

Example: “I smoked some kind bud that made warm and happy.”

When you’re a stoner you always light up with the intentions and hope that this will result in a very nice high. That it will take you back to that good feeling that we all love to come back to.Every pot head just wants their bud to be kind. Weed is a mentality and cultural vibe. Once one indulges into the fine sweet cheeba they will experience the mental change. No one should live life staying in the dark side of life. Smoke Kush

Treat you how you love to be treated and have very high THC levels.

Thus the term kind was born to characterize some of the world’s best marijuana strains. When asked what kind of weed you value most, simply reply “kind.” You might sound like a parrot but hey it’s true! Very high potency means higher outcomes, and shouldn’t we all be going for the gold?

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