How to Clone Marijuana Plants Like a Pro Fast!

How to Clone Marijuana Plants Like a Pro Fast!

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People always over complicate this “skill”. We keep it simple for you in this video. With what you will learn above you will always win and have amazing clones in 8-10 days at the most.

1. get a pack of 1.5″ grodan cubes $8

2. Get a bloom base (doesn’t really matter which one). Using RO water mix to 200-250 ppm and adjust the ph to 5.5, then stir and move the cubes around to mix in well. Set and wait an hour or two. I let the babies soak overnight. Either way the outcome is still the same for me.

Note: Grodan cubes will cause the ph to rise a bit, no problem.

3. After you let them set for a few hours check the ph one more time, it will be in the high 6’s or so readjust to 5.5 and stir or move them about to mix them well into the solution. Almost to the fun part…

4. Set your cubes in your humidome tray.

5. Take your cutting one at a time. it does not matter if there at 45 degrees.

6. Gently dip in clonex rooting gel $5 packet or $20 bottle.

7. Stick in cube. (Not the hole in the center of the cube) but just beside that hole, stick it in there good.

8. Once youve taken all your cuttings trim the large fan leaf tips off, they take up to much room and if packing a full tray it can cause mold issues, you dont need them anyway.

if you live in a humid place dont mist inside of dome

if you live in dry climates mist your dome inside.

do not take the lid off everyday let it sit covered for a week and observe from outside the dome.

8-10 days your roots will be exploding out the bottom.

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