Grow Weed Like a Pro – Amazing Tips


Grow Weed Like a Pro – Amazing Tips

Nico Escondido’s Grow weed like a pro amazing tips
Approximate Running time : 110 Minutes

All production rights goes to High times and none else.
This is a copy of the dvd not including any of the extra material. For the full video check out High Times online store.

Shared for educational purpose. Please enjoy responsibly and share.
I do not take any credit for the material shown on this educational Documentary.
If you want to buy a copy to support and for the extra material and interviews with people like Mr . Chem him self.

HIGH TIMES and Nico Escondido are proud to release this unprecedented body of work. Featuring over 2 hours of comprehensive how to grow marijuana coverage and bonus marijuana material, this unparalleled film contains never-seen-before footage (shot in HD) of America’s top medical grow facilities. The amazing video includes everything from indoor growing, to greenhouse techniques, to outdoor cultivation. Stay blazing and amazing!!!

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