Green Thumb Grow Tips For Stoners

Green Thumb Grow Tips For Stoners

No stoner in history has ever expressed the desire to smoke less MJ and growing your own cannabis is a great way to supply your own high indefinitely. Starting your own grow operation can be a bit confusing at first; how do I achieve successful and potent crops? Stonerdays is here to help with a few key factors to make sure you get it right, check out these Green Thumb Grow Tips.

– Water Smart

watering marijuana

Over-watering can lead to root rot, this happens when the roots become drenched, or stay in a constant state of dampness because the grower is watering much to frequently. Giving her roots a chance to fully dry between watering cycles is essential and can be achieved through “bulk” watering. Basically making sure you get them nice and juicy during watering then letting them breathe for the next few days.

-Killer Soil Blend

Everything begins from the soil so the composition you use is very important. Tons of cultivators choose to use an original blend that they customize themselves, if this sounds like the path for you should make sure to include a rich potting soil for your base. Bat guano, sand, and a natural mix with things like tree bark and roots to really nourish the crops.
You’ll want to use this mixture for all of your seeds and especially during the pre-plotting phases ass not to stress or shock your babies, less stress equals better smoking plants

-Cleanliness is Key

cleaning room marijuana

If you want killer chronic you gotta keep it clean, and this goes for everything; growing tools, the environment, and yes even you! This prevents the likelihood of plant disease and bacteria growing, not to mention annoying spider mites that can demolish a whole crop. Wearing clean duds into the grow area and washing your hands before entering every time really goes a long way.

-Nurture with Nutrients

Nutrients play a huge role because they contribute to the potency of a plants smell and taste, and when talking pot that’s allot of the enjoyment. Blackstrap molasses is a nifty trick of the trade and quite successful. It’s to be added to the plants before harvest during the last couple of weeks during the flowering stage and proves to be an excellent source of minerals, carbs, and other vital nutrients such as amino acids. The molasses works great for getting a dank aroma and robust taste that smokers crave and love.

Using these tips is a sure fire way to ensure yourself some dank fire, so get growing and get smoking stoners!