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Don’t Forget Your Medicine

Don’t Forget Your Medicine

Through out the course of history man has been searching for new ways to connect with God, nature and mental clarity.

Everything from eating to drinking natural planets that can provide a gate way to another realm, or flat out creating hallucinogenics, methamphetamine’s and opiates.

Drugs have destroyed many lives, have left millions homeless, orphaned, abused and dead. With so many wrongs about drugs what good can come out of them?


Many people that grow up during the fifties and sixties knew the government experimented with LSD on human subjects to test its properties as an agent of war. Few people know that the psychiatric community also took a huge interest in this psychoactive drug.


Studies in the fifties showed that using LSD to treat alcoholism resulted in a 50% success rate.

Compared to the 10% success rate from Alcoholics Anonymous. In the Spring Grove State Hospital in Maryland, researchers provided terminal cancer patients with LSD to see if it could help reduce their anxieties about death. One third of the patients said they felt less tense, less depressed, less afraid of death and in less pain. Another third reported these conditions reduced moderately and the last group said their condition did not improve at all, but also did not worsen.

We know how drugs are harmful to the body, but do we understand that these same drugs used with the proper supervision can not only help but maybe even save lives.

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Don’t Forget Your Medicine

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