Denver Fair Overdose

Denver Fair Overdose? Stoner News

Edibles have gotten a seriously bad reputation in the last couple of months, following a scattering of reports that people were dying or going crazy after ingesting the THC laced confections. One man allegedly shot his family after consuming medicated food and a young man leapt to his death from a his hotel room in Colorado after reportedly eating too many edibles as well. While marijuana activists insist that there’s no way to overdose on THC, doctors and nurses are hurting the cause by claiming these deaths are directly related to the plant.


Ingesting Delta-9-THC results in the forming of Delta-11-THC in the liver, which gives edibles their knock-you-out effects. This is also why it’s extremely important to recognize dosing instructions and never eat more then you think you can handle. Edibles are not like smoking and should not be treated the same way (i.e. don’t go brownie-for-brownie with your friends) when being handled by novice stoners. When unseasoned potheads begin to ingest more than what they need of edibles, it becomes a problems for the heavy smokers and those that use edibles in order to treat illnesses and don’t have the ability to smoke.


Recently, Denver was host to the Denver County Fair except this year, the fair included a Pot Pavilion, a place where cannabis businesses could showcase what they’re about, interacting directly with the public. While the fair allowed the booths to attend, they were very strict in saying that no cannabis products were allowed on the fairgrounds, since it was a family event and the purpose of the pot people being there would be to educate. The fair happened August 1-3 and was the location at which Jordan Coombs obtained the “normal” candy bars.


Coombs filed a lawsuit on Thursday, saying that he was hospitalized after eating the chocolate and ended up sitting in his car, “projectile vomiting” and when he went to the emergency room, he was told by the emergency room physicians that his symptoms were due to an overdose of THC, resulting from the candy bars that he purchased from a company called LivWell that was present at the fair. The company didn’t reply for comment when approached so it remains unknown as to why they were vending medicated bars when there weren’t supposed to be any present on the fairgrounds.


It’s hard to say if Coombs actually did overdose on THC. While it definitely is possible for some people to reach the point of being “too high”, reports like this are extremely limited. There might have been other factors that went in to this man’s sickness, such as heat stroke, over-tiredness, or a hangover. The lawsuit also didn’t state as to how much candy the man ate, so he could’ve ingested far too much, which also may have resulted from pure overeating. Let’s face it, we all love chocolate but too much is still too much.

Denver Fair Overdose? Stoner News