Cars That Stoners Love

Cars That Stoners Love

Stoners love their cars. It’s a simple fact. Most people that smoke weed have some kind of favorite stoner car, whether it’s actually their daily driver or they’ve seen it in movies. There are the stereotypical vehicles and the not so common ones. Either way, whatever you’re driving, it should fit your pothead personality! This is a list of some of the most popular stoner cars from around the Internet. Which one do you want to be driving?!

1. The Lowriders

Cheech’s car is a perfect example of the lowriders. Usually an older car, close to the ground, and usually with some crazy flashy wheels. These cars can be pretty inconspicuous if done right but still look good. A lowrider is a car that you don’t really drive all the time but when you’re feeling awesome, you take it for a spin. However, be sure to be aware of potholes and cracks in the road. Loosing your oil pan is not a fun thing.


2. The VW Bus

As they get more and more rare to find in good condition, the Volkswagen bus is the favorite of all stoners, everywhere. The Germans must’ve engineered this with the cannabis community in mind because even stoners who don’t like VWs have to admit that these buses are the ultimate hippie-mobile. Although, the next few generations of stoners may only see the buses in pictures, as their condition deteriorates and the price tags climb.


3. Conversion Vans

Because they’re so spacious and comfortable, a conversion van might not be the ideal gas mileage car but you can fit a lot of friends in there for a really comfortable session. Plus, these vans can pretty much be parked anywhere and will last for ever if taken care of. Whether you decide to deck out the inside with shag carpet and tie-dye or leave the seats, the conversion van guarantees a great place to get stoned on the go.


4. The Soccer Mom Mobile

Before people trash on those who drive minivans, stop and think. What demographic whips around town in a minivan? A mom. What do mom’s not usually have on them? Weed. If you’re looking for a car, these vehicles tend to be cheap, trustworthy, and have a long lifespan. Add a “Baby On Board” sticker for added comfort as you roll around town, attracting absolutely no one’s attention.


5. The Retired Cop Car

While this may attract some attention from the 5-0, it will assure that no one on the road will mess with you. You’ll freak out every other stoned driver on the road. It’s also highly doubtful that anyone will cut you off, speed past you, or do anything else that they think they’ll get pulled over for. These cars can be Chargers, Impalas, and other beastly vehicles that become extremely cop-like when completely blacked out.


Most importantly, you should be driving something safe. No holes in the floors or cracked windshields. Some of the cars listed above, like the VW bus, are out of the price range for most stoners these days but because they’ve become so iconic in stoner culture, it would be rude to not mention them! Just be aware that driving and smoking isn’t the best idea and to be safe on the road!

Cars That Stoners Love