Stoner Dictionary | Brick

Brick: noun 1. a pound or kilo of marijuana pressed into a block or brick

Origin: mainstream cannabis distributors, predominantly in Mexico, press the product into bricks for easier transport

Example: “The DEA confiscated 20 bricks from the distributor.”

Most of the time when we think of bricks we imagine the red kind used to build houses, schools, churches, and banks. Bricks also come green and sticky, or brown and dry, and if you’ve been lucky enough to hold a brick of Acapulco Gold, you no doubt had visions of a house built of these dank blocks of green goodness. As the war on cannabis progresses we see less of the compressed stash of the past. More domestic production has attributed to this decline of chronic building materials and been replaced with fluffy nugs of nearby grown meds. The brick weed is no doubt still around but the quality of outsourced dank has been on the decline since the mid 90’s. As the end of prohibition nears we have to wonder about the packaging cannabis companies will choose to put on the shelves. In the past, herb was bricked up for concealment and transport. But with legalization seemingly around the corner, concealment will no longer be an issue. Advertising and convenience could trump the need to brick up the weed.

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