Stoner Dictionary | Bong

Bong: noun 1. a pipe of various shapes and sizes used to inhale the combustible flowers of cannabis filtering the smoke through water that is stored in its basin

Origins: allegedly Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines and/or Africa

Etymology: a derivation of the Thai word baung translated as a cylindrical tube made from bamboo and often used for smoking various herbs

Example: “Want a toke from my Jerome Baker bong?”

The origins of the term go back as far as pot smoking itself. There are many theories as to the true origins of our beloved bong. Because of Thai etymology, many have concluded that the origins are from Southeast Asia. Another fact that supports this claim is that some of the earliest records of marijuana use began in China and Taiwan. The kush plant is actually native to the Hindu Kush mountain range that stretches between Pakistan and Afghanistan located in south-central Asia. With all of this marijuana history in Asia, why wouldn’t we assume that the bong is native to the same region? Another theory is that it’s actually from the south and east regions of Africa. An archeological discovery of an ancient bong was made in 1945 in Tanzania. As far as the etymology is concerned, there is a bit of the chicken or the egg scenario. In Kenya, near the region of the 1945 artifact discovery, is a small indigenous tribe called the Bong’om which is also the name of their language. There is also a Mount Bong located in Bong County, Liberia. So which came first, the baung or the bong? That is for you to decide!

Perhaps every stoner on earth has, at some point, constructed some type of bong.

Six foot bongs, three chambers, color changers, bongs that fall over, bongs made from glass, and plastic, bongs made by me, bongs made by you, heck even bongs made of bamboo. Bongs can be as diverse as the folks who use them and as a result, they come in all shapes and sizes. The main idea is huge hits of water cooled grade A ganja. For an extra twist, add a bit of ice, but never, ever, drink it. Anyone can construct one. All you need is a little creativity, a few tools, water, and some sweet stinky trees. Bong making skills are judged at cannabis festivals across the nation and some bong builders have made names for themselves by turning them into pure art. These amazing smoking apparatuses make a great conversation piece at any smoke out, some resembling ice sculptures of sea creatures or insects and others reminding you of the technological advances of mankind. Naturally, these pieces can get rather costly, but the value they will bring into your life is priceless. Some of the best glass out there that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as engineered to get you high, are made by ROOR and Jerome Baker. ROOR is German made which is sleek and simple in design but one of the most efficient ways to get your that smoke from herb to brain. Jerome Baker, or Jerome Baker Designs (JBD), is similar in design but the glass is often a lot sturdier and adorned with unique urban art. These creations are often limited editions so if you have one, hold on to it, because it is might become/already is a collectible. Perhaps you have an untapped knack for bong building.

Unleash your ability and create something every day.

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