Bake Break

Stoner Dictionary | Bake Break

Bake Break: noun 1. taking a rejuvenating smoke break while performing a task

Example: “Hey, I’m gonna go to my car and have a little Bake Break before we start again.”

When you’re in the middle of one thing and feel the urge to take a couple hits to level you out, that’s a Bake Break. This mostly occurs when one is hard at work and feels the urge to go out and sneak a couple of tokes or even a J. Most smokers will take a walk to their car or around the block when they decide to take their Bake Break.

In most cases its needed to get through the rest of the day or to shake off a little stress from earlier in the day.

This term can also refer to the smoke break one takes while writing a paper or assignment. Speaking of which…


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