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Aeroponics: noun 1. a form of Hydroponics where the plants roots are suspended above water level of the reservoir.

Example: “I yielded 20lbs in my 20×20 garage using aeroponics!”

Stoner Dictionary – Also referred to as “fogponics,” the etymology of aeroponic is derived from, like many other words, Greek. The prefix aero meaning air and the suffix ponos meaning labor. Aeroponics, like hydroponics, is another alternative growing method sans soil. Geoponics is the traditional, good ol’ fashioned seed in soil method, geo meaning earth. The suspended roots are sprayed with a misting system that delivers oxygenated water mixed with nutrients to the roots. Because the roots are suspended, it is very importnat that there be no wind and minimal movement so that the roots can receive maximum nutrient absorption. The plant and its root ball usually sit within a netpot and Hydroton (dry clay balls). This is done to give the roots a steady supply of oxygenated supplement to increase the plants growing potential. Some say that aeroponics has the ability to increase the size of your buds by as much as double. This effect would be due to the high levels of oxygen and supplements the roots receive.

Since there is no growing medium and the roots are suspended, there is no salt build up to hinder the roots intake.

While aeroponics yield excellent, and often copious, results, just like hydroponics and geoponics it requires some elbow grease and moola. In addition to tedious work and investment capital, this technique is not recommended for the novice as it does require an extensive knowledge of botany, horticulture and engineering to truly create a result that is worth all the work. There are various do-it-yourself techniques to building this rig which will most likely cost less but require a lot more work, ingenuity and knowledge. The professional rigs sold at many hydroponic stores can range anywhere from $200-$1000+ depending on various factors. The majority of aeroponics is done indoors because it is much more discreet as well as easier to control, removing the unpredictability of the elements. However, some industrious young growers have been able to use aeroponics in an outdoor setting. One of the misconceptions about aeroponics is that plants can only be grown from clones, but they can actually be grown from seed as well.

While clones are a good shortcut that will yield measurable results and save time, for those purists out there, seed aeroponics is possible.

So with all these obstacles needed to build a profitable aeroponic rig, why use aeroponics? Other than the tremendous yield created with this method, once the system is built and the knowledge is gained, the maintenance is easy. It is the initial acquisition of knowledge and material that makes this such a daunting task. There are so many innovative and ingenuitive stoners out there, so do not be afraid to join the ranks and become one of them! If you have the money and the ambition to learn, then try something new, get on the cutting edge of growing technology and give aeroponics a shot. With the multitude of resources available via the internet like youtube, google, and even, how could you not take advantage? The more you know, the more you grow. Back to stoner pictures

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