Top 10 Stoner Life Hacks

Top 10 Stoner Life Hacks

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      1. Maximize your high with tropical fruit!

Tropical fruit such as mangos contain a high amount of Vitamin C and studies have shown that consuming tropical fruit such as mangos and smoking weed can increase your high. Drinking mango nectar will work too!

      2. Suck on a lollipop to cure cottonmouth

If you got a bad case of cottonmouth after smoking a quick cure is as simple as popping a lollipop in your mouth. The sucking and candy will help your saliva glands to wake up and start doing their job again!

      3. Sweet Honey

Honey is a super versatile food and substance, not only does it taste great but it can also be used to seal a blunt. Honey can also slow down the burn which will help you savor your smoke even longer

      4. Sock and Vacuum for spilled weed

In the catastrophic event you spill your green on the floor or carpet, the best way to salvage and recover the bud is to use a sock and vacuum cleaner. Place a clean sock over the hose of the vacuum and start sucking! The sock will act as a filter and prevent it from going into the vacuum bag. When you are done just place a plate or cup under the vacuum hose and turn the power off. The herb will fall once the suction stops into your receptacle.

      5. Rehydrate!

Orange peels will help rehydrate your weed and will help fresh weed stay fresh and retain flavor longer. Store your weed in a container with a few orange peels to either rehydrate or stretch out it’s shelf life.

      6. Dankrupt? Freeze your grinder to find hidden kief!

If you are all out of weed and desperate for a toke, look no further than your grinder. Pop your grinder in the freezer for 5 minutes, then take it out and take it apart. Tap the parts of the grinder over a piece of paper and all the leftover kief in the nooks and crannies will fall out.

      7. Homemade Weed Liquor

Save your stems in a jar, when you have enough stems pour high proof liquor in the jar and let it soak for up to a month. Filter out the stems and now you have weed booze!

      8. Discreet Smoking

If your roommates or neighbors in an apartment complex hate your smoking habits and smell, use dryer sheets to filter out the smell. Stuff dryer sheets through the mouthpiece of an empty plastic bottle or toilet paper roll. When exhaling blow your smoke into the dryer sheets for the perfect filter.

      9. Add lemon juice to your bong water.

Adding lemon juice to your bong water will reduce the buildup of resin on the glass. The acidity of the lemon juice is what helps break down resin and will act as an active cleaning agent while smoking.

      10. Eyedrops before you smoke

If you are an on-the-go stoner and worried about you or your eyes looking high then this hack is for you. Preemptively using eye drops will help prevent your eyes from ever getting red and giving you that stoned look.

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