Stoner Problems 


Life as a stoner is carefree and full of smiles and love hugs, filled with the smell of dank freshness and visions of blunts dancing around your soul.

Still there are those times when even though you might be high, things do not seem to go the way you want them to. Or what about the stoner that need so desperately to get high, but the cards just aren’t in their favor when it hits 4:20. These are what you would call the stoner problems, the little things that try so desperately to get in the way of your happy place. Ugh, who knew that pot head life could be so complicated?

Stoner Problems

Feigning for a Flame

You’ve got the fatty all rolled up, resting sweetly in the arms of that Tropical Fusion Swisher…but you have no lighter! The electric stove laughs at you in contempt as you cause quite the uproar searching the house and throwing things around looking for the lighter that was in your grasp only an hour ago or less. There’s no matches left lying around from the bar or the trips to the casino, and you feel completely out of luck. You may not be the creative stoner, so instead you’ve got Stoner Problems.


Stoner Days The Stoner Problems

Manic Munchies

It’s the worst when you get the taste for that one special treat and it’s not in your house! There’s no way you want to get up right now, you can’t, the couch-lock has already set in and the DVR is already playing the latest episode that you missed. Now you’re left floating around the house looking for a little something we like to call “makeshift snacks” and it’s just not cutting it.


Stoner Problems

High in the Public Eye

High in the Public Eye is a Stoner Problem that everyone faces sooner or later. You’ve got plenty of important adult like things to do today, offices, meetings, family, everything is you’re your plate today so you take a toke. But for some reason these bong rips are getting you higher than you would have liked for a day out on the town. Trying to navigate through files and polite hand-shakes while blitzed it extremely fun no doubt, but might not be very productive for the time being.


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Thanks for reading stoners, and never forget to hold your high head high!

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