The Progression Of The Stoner

The Progression Of The Stoner; Stoner Blog

Some stoners are lucky enough to start their smoking career with a legitimate guide to show them the ropes. Others, however, are not so lucky and begin smoking in some of the worst ways possible. But however you started, most of us are in the same spot now! With amazing glass work, beautiful plants that grow sky high, and concentrates strong enough to help any sick patient, the cannabis industry sure has changed since we were young, don’t you think?

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Most of us started smoking at a semi young age. I, myself, didn’t start smoking until I was around the age of 17. The first time that I smoked weed, it was in my junior year of high school and I was skipping Spanish class with a friend of mine. We had to climb through backyards and sneak in to the woods, just to smoke some okay bud out of an aluminum can (don’t do that, it’s not good for you!!). I don’t even think that I got stoned… An issue that most people seem to deal with the first time that they smoke weed. For others, their first times will be with a water bottle or perhaps a crudely crafted pipe made out of aluminum foil. While all of these pieces are functional and useable, the effect on the user’s health is questionable. Plastics, aluminum, and foil give off chemicals when heated up, putting the lungs at risk and potentially causing health problems later on if used consistently.


So if we started with aluminum, plastic, and foil, where did we go after that?! Most people graduate from the home made recyclable pieces in to the smaller glass spoons, along with bubblers, sherlocks, and chillums. The spoons are simple, usually cheap, as are the chillums. Newbie stoners need the simplest pieces in order to build up that beastly tolerance that stoners boast about. Instead of graduating right to the rigs (which I didn’t know existed when I started smoking back in 2006) and passing out like a kid, stoners need to build up that tolerance and get used to smoking large amounts!


The glass and smoking technology of today would have caused a massive overload in our younger selves. Self heating nails, beautifully crafted titanium pieces, and bongs that look like every day objects weren’t even a thought when I first started smoking. It’s a sure thing that the world of smoking will change even more in the coming months, due to the incredible support that the cannabis community has been receiving. Stoners can only wait and watch for the future of weed to unfold in what is sure to be an amazing, green takeover. You can be sure that your kids will start smoking weed out of some of the craziest pieces that we can’t even imagine yet.

The Progression Of The Stoner; Stoner Blog

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