10 Different Types of Stoners


10 Different Types of Stoners

Everyone’s different. We learn this from a very young age, we are constantly trying to figure out what we like and what we don’t like. Each person has their own way of doing things, this makes the world go round.

The same goes for stoners, there are 10 Different Types of Stoners and we are all unique in our own special way.


Next time you’re in rotation with your friends or maybe even just randomly smoking with fellow stoners, take a look around. Decide for yourself who is who. It can be quit interesting and fun realizing your friends unique traits of smoking the marijuana goodness. The 10 Different Types of Stoners are:

1. The Paranoid Stoner


Oh my, this stoner! Haha. He/she can’t stop thinking somethings going wrong. “Everyones looking at me, why? Why, Am I laughing too much? What should I say? Should I just say nothing? Ah, I’m too high!” Just calm the down and chill out. Everything is going to be all right. Ride it out.

2. The Klutz

stoner-weed-girls-blazed (249)

This stoner is somehow always managing to break the piece. He reaches for his Gatorade and knocks over your most treasured bong. Best bet is to keep your beloved pieces outta harms way from his guy, maybe bubble wrap the bong when it’s his turn to rip.

3. The Mcguyver


Awesome stoner! This stoner is always coming up with new ways to smoke the reefer. He makes his own bongs, pipes and any other smoking creation he can master up. Be prepared to get hella stoned in new ways!

4. The Chemist

happy-420-stoned-marijuana (12)

The Stoner Chemist loves to smoke dabs. He’s got his gear with him and he’s ready to torch this shit. Items he brings along: his torch, his dab tool, his nail, and not to forget his bong. He’s a true mad scientist! Take a dab and get blown away. This THC is gonna knock your socks off. “A Dab Will Do Ya!”

5. The Contact High Guy 


This guy/girl really isn’t a “true” stoner. Although they call them self’s a stoner, they never actually takes a hit. They just sits in the room with everyone and get “high” from a smoke filled room. Make em’ actually take a rip next time and show them the beauty of sweet Mary Jane.

6. The Coach


The Coach is the type of stoner who is always explaining the best way how to take a hit, how long to hold it, and what kind of strand gets you the highest. He goes on and on about sativas vs. indicas and don’t forget your hybrids. Just humor this guy and shake your head. Most likely he probably does have a few good pointers up his sleeve.

7. The Closest Smoker Dad 


Give it up for this Stoner! He deserves a gold metal. He’s the ultimate OG Stoner, he created the art of smoking pot. He’s a hippy at heart and will always have a love for marijuana. Now that he’s older and wiser he just hides the fact of being a pothead. Always listen to what he has to say and remember to respect your elders!

8. The Sneak A Toker


Oh man, oh man! This stoner is poping up in rotation again and again. He’s stealing the next persons hit but no one seems to notice. He is a true master in disguise – The Sneak A Toker Smoker. Keep your red eyes open for this sneaky son of a gun!

9. The Quitter 


This stoner is the stoner who is always trying to quit smoking the ganja. He’s gotta get clean for that new job he wants, his girlfriend is always threating to break up unless he quits, he’s trying to become “healthier” and the list goes on. The problem with this guy is he never seems to understand he’s just giving excuses. Dude your a stoner! Just be cool with it and get over the bullshit.

10. The Story Teller 

Man Smoking Joint

You’re in for trouble! Ha ha. This stoner never passes the blunt. they continuously talk aimlessly about “this one time” and “you gotta try this new..” He talks and talks and talks some more while chiefing on that blunt he’s suppose to pass. You’re gonna just have to grab the blunt out of his hand and be like dude… really? Puff, puff, pass!

Written By: Missy Blazen

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10 Different Types of Stoners

Top 10 Stoner Cities In America


Top 10 Stoner Cities In America

Which Top 10 Stoner Cities in America have you visited?


There are many Countries, States, and Cities for a Stoner to live in. All are unique and special in there own way but how does one decide where to live? Well, no need to worry Stoners! StonerDays has listed the Top 10 Stoner Cities In America. We are always thinking of Our Fellow Stoner Fans and thought it would be best to let you in on these beautiful enriched Cannabis Communities. Let’s bust out that sweet marijuana, roll up a blunt and dive in!

10. Venice Beach, California 


Venice Beach Baby! A.K.A. The Hippie Beach. This city is located on the beach in the beautiful state of California. Stoners walk up and down the boardwalk freely smoking joints, blunts, and pipes. There are tons of little shops all long the boardwalk. From head shops full of hand blown pieces to smoke your Mary Jane out of, to local medical dispensaries. Stoner Fun includes: watching the surfers, artistic street performers walking on broken glass, amazing acrobatic performances, and many hand crafted arts and jewelry. Venice Beach is a must visit Stoner City in America!

9. Maui, Hawaii 


Aw Stoner Paradise! Maui, Hawaii is located on the Island of Honolulu and is one of the most beautiful luscious places to live! They got the Maui Wauie and it’s dank my brother. Everyone is chill and relaxed about life, living life for the moment and embracing the Stoner culture. Kick back in some board shorts, ride the waves and toke up that bong of yours.

8. Denver, Colorado 


Colorado, burr its cold but Denver sure knows how to light that white fire to warm the soul! Colorado within the pass year has legalized marijuana and Denver is one of the main cities stoners are flacking to. Stoners far and wide are flying into Denver, Colorado yearly for one of the biggest stoner festivities… The Cannabis Cup. If you haven’t visited this stoner city, my suggestions to you; book a flight now and get to smokin’ that bomby green with Frosty.

7. San Francisco, California

San Fransico Stoner - StonerDays

San Fran, the hippie city! Oh how I love San Francisco, California. The people there are amazing and oh so friendly. Downtown is where you wanna be, there’s tons of little shops for stoners to buy pipes and bongs and cute stylish hippie clothing. Ladies “If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” Love those classic song lyrics sung by Scott Mckenzie.

6. Boston, Massachusetts 


Boston home to the famous Boston’s Baked Beans! Stoners toke up, chow down and let your munchie cravings run wild in Massachusetts. Boston’s got some pretty awesome pizza and “Chowda” as well. People are pretty chill around town and every year the huge Freedom Rally – Hempfest is thrown at the local park. Thousands of stoners gather at Hempfest to unite and smoke out together.

5. Oakland, California


In 2002 California legalized medical marijuana. Ever since then Oakland, has been one of the top 10 stoner cities in America to live in and grow marijuana. Stoners must visit the downtown Oaksterdam, the stoner-friendly district! Known for its weed cafes, medical dispensaries and even an awesome stoner school. As a Cali resident myself I’ve personally smoked Oakland weed and I can vouch for the city on the bombiness and stickiness of their kush. Around almost every corner someone is growing pot, either inside their homes or outside in the garden. Oakland, California is a Cannabis Community indeed my friends.

4. Boulder, Colorado


Boulder, Colorado is certainly at top of the list for weed in America. And what a beauiful place this stoner city is! My oh my, how I wish to live here one day. There are many grow opps all around the small city along with medical dispensaries to purchase your green goodness. People are extremely kind and welcoming! Weather here is wonderful, with snow covered mountains in the winter and sunshine and rolling green hills in the summer. Go set out into the wildness and lit up a joint on your stoner adventure!

3. Portland, Maine


The East Coast isn’t known too much for the friendliest of folks but Portland, Maine is another story. Portland has a relaxed chill stoner vibe, bringing only the good vibes my friends. I like this place and have visited family here a multiple times. This city is a classy stoner haven for sure. Portland, Maine also has pretty amazing buds and we can thank the favorable climate for that! We suggest this stoner city for the older retired stoners. Relax and enjoy the peacefulness.

2. Seattle, Washington


Give it up for Seattle, Washington! The Stoner Community is very pleased to hear about this years news of Legalized Marijuana in wonderful American State, Washington. For stoners concerned in law enforcement, Seattle’s law force is quit a friendly one. At this years Hempfest in April 2013, Rain City cops handed out bags of Doritos to any stoner suffering from the munchies. The Doritos bags came with a sticker containing educational information, outlining the basics of Washington’s new marijuana laws. Gotta love getting high and then getting free food from the cops! Pack up a bowl and smoke away stoners, it’s foggy most of the time so chances are you won’t get caught smoking in the local park.

1. Humboldt County, California 


Home of the Redwoods and in my opinion the BEST kush the world has to offer. This city is located in Northern California and is known all across the nation as the number one spot to grow marijuana. Humboldt County has recently been opened up to the world through Discovery Channel TV shows such as Pot Cops, Weed Country, Weed Wars and National Geographic’s American Weed. This small town produces around 30% of the countries weed. I absolutely love the redwood taste you get from the marijuana, you can smell the freshness of the woods. Hands down the best!

Written by: Missy Blazen

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Top 10 Stoner Cities In America

Top 10 Stoner Snacks


Top 10 Stoner Snacks | Do it Yourself

Hey there Stoners! Hungry? Got the Munchies?

My guess is YES! And You have come to the right place, we have listed The Top 10 Stoner Snacks | Do it Yourself at Home. These items are cheap and easy to find and are most likely in your kitchen right now as we speak! So go ahead stoners GET STONED and be creative or simply just use this awesome stoner snack food list to satisfy your munchie needs. Stay Blazed!

1. Sliced Cheese, Cream Cheese with Crackers (throw some fresh fruit on your plate to spark the tastebuds)


2. Peanut Butter, Nutella, and Banana Sandwich (a new look on mom’s old fashioned peanut butter sandwich)


3. Cookie Dough (roll it up into bite size pieces and drizzle some chocolate on top)


4. Nancho Cheese Dorritos and Ranch Dressing or Dip (add some chopped cucumbers for a cool refreshing taste)


5. Ice Cream and Milk or Cereal and Milk or Ice Cream, Milk, and Cereal (soft creaminess & crunchy combined in each bite)


6. Grilled Cheese Sandwich (get creative; try a slice of tomato inside or some bacon)


7. Baked Apples, Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon (cook on the stove top or in the oven)


8. Top Ramen (add some cut veggies, egg or chicken to awaken the flavor)


9. Fritos and A Can of Refried Beans (mix hot sauce/peppers in the beans for a kick of flavor and sprinkle on cheese for a topper)


10. Cinnamon Toast (spread butter on a slice of bread, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top then boil in the oven/toaster oven)


Any of theses delicious Top 10 Stoner Snacks | Do it Yourself at Home are guaranteed to satisfy your munchie hunger. Dig in and explore food in a whole different realm, let the high take your taste buds to a whole other level. Smoke, eat and Enjoy!

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Top 10 Stoner Snacks | Do it Yourself at Home