Stoner Tommy Chong Kicks Cancer’s Ass

Stoner Tommy Chong Kicks Cancer’s Ass

Unless you’re me, you’ve been a fan of Stoners Cheech and Chong for a long time (I had never seen the films until recently… I’m a little behind the times!).

Tommy Chong

And if you’re an Up In Smoke fan, you know that Tommy Chong had a nasty announcement come out last June that he had prostate cancer. That’s probably the worst thing to hear when you’re at the doctor and there are millions of Americans that hear those words and begin the dreaded chemo treatment to attempt to rid their bodies of this deteriorating illness.

Comedians Cheech &  Chong announce first comedy tour in 25 years in Los Angeles

Tommy Chong is known for marijuana so what did he do when he was told the bad news? He opted for the best treatment that was available… Hash oil. This oil, combined with a heathy diet, natural supplements, and a session with a world renowned healer – Adam Dreamcatcher – sent Chong’s cancer running like a scared dog. Now, over a year later, Chong says that he’s feeling better than he’s ever felt before! While he’s still undergoing tests to make sure that the cancer is gone, he’s healthy and still smoking that dank!


There are so many people suffering from the onset of cancer or who are caught in it’s cold grip. It is up to us to help push marijuana as a cure for cancer and as a cure for many illnesses. Chemotherapy costs thousands of dollars and drains families of their life savings. It’s sad to think that this magical plant hasn’t been legalized just due to it’s amazing capabilities. The fact that Tommy Chong completely neglected the idea of radiation treatment and is healthier now than ever before is incredible.This world would benefit so much from a cannabis based cure for cancer. Lives would be saved and pockets would stay a lot more full. It is the cannabis community’s responsibility to share this lifesaving information with others and show others how cannabis really brings people together.

Stoner Tommy Chong Kicks Cancer’s Ass

Cheech and Chongs Animated Movie

Cheech and Chongs Animated Movie

Every stoner loves a good cartoon and the fact that this happens to be the most widely known stoner duo makes it that much better. 


This movie had me crying out loud with laughter,  I love the fact that this animation relates to movies done in the past by Cheech and Chong. There is an underlying story that occasionally gets mentioned of a blood sucking body crab who’s after Chong because of his THC filled veins. The skits in the animated movie were similar to the originals but with slight tweaks here and there. Not every aspect was the same but it was familiar enough that it’s still just as hilarious.


The animation in this movie is great too. The facial expressions have to be my favorite, especially when Cheech first picks up Chong and Chong unfortunately smokes the entire joint. The pouty face from Cheech is priceless. Another great aspect of this was the Love Machine (named La Bamba in the animation) was pretty spot on to the original car. Like I said, it’s nice to have a movie released that uses both new and old ideas to create something like this. The entire movie is voice solely by Cheech and Chong as well, which is both interesting and funny.


The movie – I  feel – has a very strong Up In Smoke feel throughout. It’s almost like a compilation of the greatest skits of the duo, which is great because we’ve all been waiting for a new movie to hit the theaters. The only complaint I have was that I had never heard of this movie coming out. Other than that, it was definitely worth the watch!


So basically, I recommend watching this movie. If you love stoner comedy, fart jokes, and Cheech and Chong, then you’re going to love this one. So go grab some munchies pizza, glovebox wine, and a bag of weed and enjoy a new take on some classic stoner comedy. And as always, remember to get high and stay low.


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Cheech and Chongs Animated Movie

Written By: Miss Botwin


Stay Blazed.