Synthetic Cannabis ER Visits On The Rise

Synthetic Cannabis ER Visits On The Rise; Stoner News

Even with the rise of cannabis reform, synthetic cannabis (also called K-2 or spice) is still a rampant problem in the Denver area as well as other parts of the country. In fact, the reports of synthetic cannabis ER visits has increased exponentially. In 2013, between August 21 and September 19, there were at least 263 people that were admitted and had ingested the fake cannabis product. The symptoms are severe, resulting in seizures and irregular heartbeats. Ten percent of those that ended up in the ER were sent to the intensive care unit.


This information is courtesy of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and done by the Colorado School Of Medicine and would seem enough to ban the sale of synthetic cannabis. But alas, it’s not so. The fake pot is sold everywhere from gas stations to tattoo shops, sometimes even at the head shops that we so often frequent to pick up new glass. Since the sale of synthetic narcotics isn’t allowed, the sale of these products is technically illegal but yet a blind eye is turned simply because the packaging reads “Not for human consumption”. Everyone knows what the product is being used for but yet it is still sold, at great risk to those who use it.


Synthetic cannabis has been behind many reports in the news regarding violent reactions. The substance can cause delirium, seizures, and stroke in users of all ages, so don’t think that just because you’re young, you’re safe. There has been a rise of the use of synthetic drugs such as fake pot over the past five years, probably in correlation with the crack down on marijuana users and the amount of young people that are on probation and even those who are in the military. If you look up “synthetic cannabis in the news” on Google, there are multiple reports of awful things happening to people that are smoking synthetic cannabis. From parents that drowned their 3-year-old daughter to a man eating his pet dog, this substance should not only be banned from any sale but avoided at all costs.


As already stated, even the legalization of real cannabis hasn’t brought down the amount of spice that gets sold. It is basically a legal narcotic. People buy it in wholesale and resell it at an incredible markup. The effects are terrifying and can leave a lasting effect on the user. It’s problems like these that the government should be addressing, as it sweeps through the nation causing hundreds of problems. While cannabis helps people to live happier lives yet people get thrown in jail for using it, fake weed is a plague that is seriously hurting people surrounding it.

Synthetic Cannabis ER Visits On The Rise; Stoner News