Stoners Guide to Rolling a Blunt

Stoners Guide to Rolling a Blunt


Welcome to StonerDays Beginners Guide to Rolling a Blunt, today you’ll learn little tips and tricks to get you rolling blunts they way they were meant to be.

You’ll have the ground work that you need to get smooth slow burning hits and flavorful mouthfuls of smoke. As with most things associated with marijuana there is a certain art to rolling nice size blunt to assure you maximum smoking pleasure. Keep your faded eyes peeled as we take you through…. Rolling a Blunt.

First you want to start with quality blunts or wraps.

“There are a lot of brands available on the market but not all of them are what you want when smoking blunts.”


Swishers are always a sure go, Zig Zags and the Black and Mild brand also make some pretty good rolling material. You never want the hassle of dealing with dry cracked blunts, or tobacco sticking to the inside of the blunts, this would take away from the taste of the ganja.


Experienced smokers prefer to take the inside lining of the blunts out before rolling the sticky inside.

“This makes the blunts thinner, and allows you a more pure taste to the bud, but still with all the characteristics of a blunt.”

Even though this step is optional is a great step to consider.

Next, when you grind the Mary Jane up you want to make sure there are no big sticks or seeds when you go to evenly distribute her inside the blunt. This step is the same as with rolling papers, sticks make for holes in the blunts and seeds make for popping and can often make the blunt go out.


“All of these things make for bad business so get grinding stoners!”

Once you’ve got the dank all spread out, begin rolling form one side and licking bit by bit.

“Rolling a Blunt is very similar to rolling a doob, just longer and a bit firmer. “

You want to make sure you try your best to roll it in a straight line as not to get a wiggly blunt that’s going to look like a wet noodle and disappoint the whole crew…we’ve got planets to visit here!


Now you want to dry the blunt.

“Many people will take out there lighters and begin torching there just pearled piece of art like there’s no tomorrow.”

A smarter way to do this is to light your flame at least a good inch away from the actual blunt, begin to move the lighter back and forth up the blunt but never actually touching it with the flame. In this way you still dry the blunt, but you also allow it to dry naturally, this makes the blunt burn slower rather than burning the tobacco outside. Try it next time you’re in a session and see how many extra hits you think you got out of it.


You’ve smoked, you’ve read, and now you’re ready to smoke again, and this time your blown brain can’t wait to roll that next blunt because you’re more than prepared.

Thanks as always for reading stoners and stay blunted!!!

 Stoners Guide to Rolling a Blunt

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