StonerDays Clothing Spring/Summer 2013

StonerDays puts a nice needed touch to Californian Stoner culture and HIGH way of life.  

Here on StonerDays you can find any and everything stoner related and then some. StonerDaysis a stoners main source for everything on marijuana. Fans can shop for stoner clothing online or get the latest information on trending topics on our Stoner Blog.

“Marijuana is the 3rd most popular recreational drug used in America. Stoner culture has gone mainstream, and has had a big influence in the world of fashion and it’s hottest style trends.”

– InStyle

Adorning yourself in these threads is only right. The popular designs makes it fresh and inviting.One of our most popular desigins The Four Twenty Bear t-shirt design has a cool crisp look, perfect for Saturday; that pair with shorts, jeans, skinnies.
There’s nothing in this world you wont be able to accomplish when you’re wearing a pair of shades to match The Four Twenty Bear on your StonerDays shirt.
Our Stoner collection was created from one the most talented artists Southern Califonia has to offer. StonerDays Clothing provides easy going t-shirts and tanks for men and women, comfortable hoodies, log sleeve shirts and more. Colors come in Black, White, Neon Green, and Red.

“It’s summer wear put into perspective by creative cannabis thinkers and stuffed into wearable collector’s items.”

As stoners ourselves we grantee you’ll feel at ease and comfort in our stoner clothing. StonerDays clothing was created for both men and women of all walks of life.
Our purpose is not based on our sells, but to provide a service to you. With a comfortable and cool feel you will enjoy and embrace life to its fullest.

Be sure to check out more of our epic stoner clothing line

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Here at StonerDays we love our fans like Dank Nugs and love to know what you stoners are up to. Send us your Fan Submitted for a chance to be featured on the #1 marijuana site in the world!! Enjoy!!!!

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