Stoner Game; Mario Kart High Driving

Stoner Game; Mario Kart High Driving

Stoners that have attended college and gone to a bunch of parties might be familiar with the game “Drunk Driving”.


This game includes a Mario Kart game and a ton of beer. The point of the game is to obviously cross the finish line but while simultaneously drinking an entire beer before the end of the race. This might seem easy but there’s a catch. There can be no drinking while your character onscreen is moving. Now, there has to be a strategy developed. Do you pound the beer at the beginning of the race? Or do you go through the whole race and stop right before the finish line and drink?


Since there are a few stoners that aren’t in to alcohol, this game can easily be switched to “High Driving”, where the players must smoke their entire bowl/bong/blunt before ending the race. Here at Stonerdays, we’d rather be High Driving for sure. It’s highly recommended that you use joints or bongs for this. While bowls are nice, they don’t have a ton of bud in them. Some of the races in Mario Kart are quite long so having a bong or a joint is a decent amount of weed to have to smoke in the time span of the race.


Again, like in Drunk Driving, you can’t smoke while the kart is in motion. Now, it’s up to you and your friends to decide if coughing is included. Can you still drive after you take your hit and you’re coughing up a lung? The rules change from group to group so before playing, be sure to recognize that you’re all on the same page regarding the guidelines of the game. Joints also might go out while playing so you must account for that as well.


Playing games like this takes smoking with your friends to the next level. While sitting around listening to music or watching TV can be fun, it’s never as fun as trying to outsmart your friends. Trying to strategize while stoned as hell can be really difficult for some people. Seeing how people react to the challenge of not being able to move while smoking can be hilarious. It’s important to remember, however, that you still need to breathe oxygen. In High Driving, it’s not recommended that you power smoke a bong/joint before starting a race. Possibly at the end but be prepared to pass out on the couch and be disqualified from the next race.


If you and your friends have developed a sort of game while smoking, feel free to email it to me at [email protected]! Make sure to include your rules and the name of the game so that if it gets posted, everyone can play! Stonerdays hopes that you enjoy playing this game!

Do remember that ACTUAL driving and smoking isn’t a good idea. While actually driving, it is best to pay attention to the road and not try to smoke an entire joint in a fifteen minute car ride.

Stoner Game; Mario Kart High Driving