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Stoner Dictionary; Reggie, Mids, and Beasters

Stoner Dictionary; Reggie, Mids, and Beasters

Being as creative as we are, stoners have developed special words to describe certain aspects of the smoking world. Not everyone knows the definitions of these terms, as stoners differ depending on geographical location. Since not all stoners are familiar with other terms, the Stonerdays Stoner Dictionary is the best way figure out what your out of state pothead buddies are talking about.

Most people grade their marijuana in a system from not good to great. There are three groups of marijuana status. The worst marijuana you can get would be referred to as reggie weed. Taking a step up would be mids. Finally, the highest grade weed group is called “beasters”. Each group is pretty well defined but not every stoner knows these terms. In the region that I live, I’ve never really heard cannabis be referred to in this way, except for rare occasions.

marijuana stoner dictionary stonerdays

Reggie bud is usually lacking in the crystal department, maybe has a copious amount of seeds in it. The majority of weight in the bud is mostly from the stem, rather than the actual flower. This is the bud that no one wants. The bud is also usually brown, rather than the desired colors of green, purple, orange, and red. When you’re completely out of options is when you purchase “reggie” bud.

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Now, mids are alright bud. They tend to have a nice color, being on the very green side. Mids have some crystals, definitely more than the reggie group. Also, the mids group has far less seeds and stems. Most people in illegal states get their hands on mids. It’s not the best but it’s okay. There are still people that are unfortunately getting reggie. But if what you get is mids, just know that you’re doing okay. It could be worse.

Dank Purp marijuana stoner dictionary stonerdays

The best quality weed on this scale would be the beasters. This is the weed that everyone wants to smoke. It’s covered in crystals, smells incredible, and smokes like a dream. Cannabis of this quality is usually medical grade or just grown with extreme care. Smoking this kind of bud is the best you can get. If you’re in an area with access to beasters, you better be buying it!

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Stoner Dictionary; Reggie, Mids, and Beasters

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  1. carlo says:

    Beasters are not the best you can get. Beaster is not even high quality marijuana. It is mid quality bud from canada. This article is wrong. Top shelf is what you want. Dank, hydro, bomb, fire.

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