Stoner Cookbook; Bud Burgers

Stoner Cookbook; Bud Burgers

Stoners love burgers. What about burgers that have the garnish of fried cannabis leaves on it?


Not only that but adding cannabis butter to a burger is a lot easier than most people think. By mixing cannabis butter with ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard, you can make any beefy (or veggie) burger medicated. Adding the cannabis butter will give you a delicious meal that will give you a long lasting high. Keep that method in mind for when this burger is complete, fried cannabis leaves in all.


What You’ll Need;
Cannabis leaves
Your choice of cheese
Your choice of toppings
Burgers (You can use beef, chicken, veggie, or turkey depending on your lifestyle!)

In order to fry cannabis leaves, you have to sauté them in a pan. You should use regular butter for this, as the heat would disband the THC that is contained in cannabis butter. Once the leaves turn a golden brown, they’re done. Drain the butter so that they leaves aren’t soaking in it.

Cook your burger in the fashion you choose. Grilling usually works best, although those George Foreman grills can pumped out some delicious patties. While the burger is cooking, make sure to assemble your canna-condiments in little containers so that they’ll be ready when the burger is done. When your burger is cooked to the temp that you enjoy, place it on the bun. Add the fried cannabis leaves, as well as your condiments, cheese, and whatever else you’ve decided to put on this delicious sandwich.

Burgers are definitely popular in the stoner community. The amount of In-N-Out Burger photos that permeate stoner Instagrams is out of control. Whether you’re eating your home made bud burgers or going to grab fast food, you can’t really go wrong with a burger. Even if you don’t eat meat, you have the option to eat veggie burgers. Now, medicated burgers can be the favorite of stoners all over the world. I hope that you enjoy this cannabis leaf/butter burger and that it keeps you flying all day!