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Smoke Ghost: The Dank Without the Stank

Smoke Ghost: The Dank Without the Stank

How many of us stoners have experienced a moment where the smell of dank has inconvenienced us? Yes, most if not all of us have gone through this. But we live in a new time, a new dawn for stoners. Marijuana legalization has been sweeping though the country and our freedom has expanded. Expand your freedom further by being able to smoke anywhere you’d like without the inconvenience of the smell with Smoke Ghost, the only filter of its kind.

What is the smoke ghost?

Imagine if you could transform the smell of weed into a more pleasant smell, perhaps lemon or rosemary. Now you can, it’s a new time. The Smoke Ghost is the only scented personal smoking filter that alters your smoke odor into a lovely fragrance of your choosing. This fragrance emitted from the Smoke Ghost is highly potent and overwhelms the odor of the burning bowl with a powerful aroma. This is how it works:

  1. Blow your smoke through the base of the Smoke Ghost
  2. The weed smoke transforms into a scented fragrance       
  3. Enjoy the new aroma

It’s as easy as that. Now you are able to smoke anywhere without the inconvenience of the smell. Smoke indoors, in any location at your leisure. Raining or snowing outside? No problem, stay in nice and snug with your Ghost. Don’t want to waste time finding a place to smoke? No problem, smoke in the same spot you’re in. Smoke when you feel like it. This new found freedom for those affected by the smell changes your smoking lifestyle. For video evidence of the power of Smoke Ghost, follow us on Instagram. The Smoke Ghost is also extremely portable and small, so it does not take up space and fits in most pockets.

The Smoke Ghost is composed of the black base and a colored scent cartridge. Additionally, each scent cartridge is interchangeable with each base meaning you can mix and match scents with others without having to use the same mouthpiece. There are five different scents that are currently available and each scent corresponds to a different colored scent cartridge:

  • Blue = Sage
  • Red = Rosemary
  • White = Spearmint
  • Green = Jasmin
  • Yellow = Lemon


Smoke Ghost is the solution to your weed smell problem and will make a pleasant addition to your smoking kit. Get your Smoke Ghost at and never have to worry about the stank from your dank again J