Smoke and Tell: The Ultimate Stoner Dream Job is Real

I know what you’re thinking: getting paid to smoke weed is a pipe dream.

But if you’re a content creator and budding social media mogul with a portfolio featuring TikTok videos, Instagram reels, blog posts and more, you might be perfect for the DaySavers Ultimate Stoner Dream Job.

The job is simple enough: Try DaySavers family of top-quality, highly tested products like the DaySavers Artisan Tubes and cones, Fill-a-Blunt hemp wrap blunt tubes, the spectacular cross cone from Smoke Temple and more and then just do what you do, creating content to help promote the brand.

TL;DR? Smoke weed, create content, get paid. It’s just that easy.

Started by the Pre-Roll Experts at Custom Cones USA, a leading supplier of the finest paper, packaging and production machinery for the pre-roll industry, DaySavers is a new brand that brings the company’s always compliant and highly tested selection of pre-rolled cones and tubes directly to the smoker. And like its parent company, DaySavers tests all their products to meet the most rigorous compliance standards of the cannabis industry, including heavy metals, microbials and pesticides so smokers can be sure their papers are just as clean as their flower.

DaySavers will supply the winning candidate with samples of all their products, featuring varying paper types and sizes. Test the tubes. Check out the cones. Fill a blunt wrap. Pack and smoke the cross cone. Experiment with the various filter tips. Then help create the best content on the web telling people about it.

If you have a passion for cannabis and have professional experience in social media content creation and management – and the portfolio to back it up – DaySavers wants to hear from you.

The winning candidate will secure a full-time position at DaySavers, complete with the title of Cannabis Content Creator and a salary of $70,420, plus perks (munchies not included, however). They’ll also be flown to the DaySavers headquarters outside Seattle to meet the team and have the opportunity to represent the brand at industry events like Outside Lands, Hall of Flowers and the industry’s biggest show, MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

So motivated stoners only, because this is an actual job. It’s not JUST getting high.

“Many people talk about doing what they love, but few actually have the chance to make it a reality. If you’re passionate about cannabis and have any kind of creative talent – this may be the job for you.” said Custom Cones CEO Harrison Bard. “This is a dream opportunity for any cannabis lover!”

The job is open to all cannabis-loving social media content creators ages 21 and up. The DaySavers team is actively searching for candidates who can assist with creating content for social media, blogs, videos and other creative endeavors. The application page states they are looking for candidates with a background in marketing, writing, photography, TikTok, graphic design, videography and social media.

The job will remain open until 4/20. After that, the DaySavers team will review the applicants, selecting one for the full-time gig and several others for freelance opportunities. Plus, all applicants will receive exclusive discounts on DaySavers products.