Reddit: Thoughts for Stoners by Stoners

Reddit: Thoughts for Stoners by Stoners

Some of our best ideas come to us when we are stoned!?! Right? Well, none the less our team at StonerDays thought it would be a great idea to share our favorite Hideas. Let the Stoner thoughts begin.. Enjoy!


Posted By u/TeslaSupreme

– If you traveled back to the 14th century from today, you would be the most educated, and smartest person in that era, whatever the education you’d have.


Posted By u/Missedturn_hig

-Maybe death is something like, slipping over in the shower then without ever knowing, you instantaneously stepped into an alternate universe where you decided to buy a non slip mat earlier that day. And you continue to live out the rest of your days. None the wiser.


Posted By u/BurnerAccountRedditt

-🐕🍪suppose you give a dog a treat and he scarfs it down immediately. Now let’s say you have a cookie and you eat it slow and savor every bit while being mindful of the texture and flavor… the dog was probably happier eating his treat even tho he just scarfed it down right away. This proves sometimes you just don’t over think shit and just eat the damn cookie.


Posted By u/bstar911

-Cats know when you’re high.


Posted By u/AnesthesiaOnTheSide

-The automatic toilet at work flushed twice when I stood up. I feel like it’s judging me for my diet.


Posted By u/You_Spooked_Felicity

-A cold drink slowly sucks the life force from the ice in the cup.


Posted By u/dangerzone253

-I’m gonna write a movie where I wake up and I’m the only one who remembers Metallica. So I try to bless the world with the guitar solo from Fade to Black, only to fail miserably because that’s f’n impossible yo.


Posted By u/Travellingtrex

There are some people who casually just call Christopher Walken, “Chris”


Posted By u/Nicole-Boner

Human and the EGG, would a chicken eat a human woman’s unfertilized egg? (asking for myself as I eat two sunny side eggs.)


Posted By u/VerpinBeeping

Dudes my butt cheeks are, geometrically speaking, asymmetrical!!


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