One Day Deep by Praful

One Day Deep by Praful

Holy moley these guys have got the soulful sounds of years and years of perfection of many forms of music.

Live instruments and vocals and media tracks that come together and create a new kind of sound that gives you an emotion unlike any other that you’ve ever had.

This is what relaxation really sounds like. One Day Deep by Praful is a mix of fusion jazz, dope samples, and pure creativity that

puts you in the mood to just stick the whole bong in your face an leave it there for all eternity.

What they’ve done is bring cultural and ethnic sounds from all over and turned them into rhythmic vibrations that pair perfect with a tree high like coffee and a Kit Kat.

Not only can you just chill and let you soul be free,

but on the other hand these sounds incite you to create, to music, art, and dance. Pick up that paintbrush if you haven’t in a while, grab that easel and charcoal stick,

begin to put emotion back onto the canvas as well as into your life.

Dealing with life and the way it likes to push us around can sometimes put a block on creativity and progress. Well One Day Deep by Praful is perfect for opening the blinds for you and helping you find that last idea you thought was lost forever.

Collect your thoughts and let your mind breathe.

We have all the time in the world for meaningless chatter and the consultation of things that will never really matter on the grander scale…so chill dude!!

Chill and make love to pearly dank nugs as your mind’s eye becomes wrapped up in a world of swirling colors and happiness. Praful seems to no doubt take you to a place with floating ears and other limbs accompanied by music and sound, music and love.

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