Medical Marijuana Helps Autistic Rage

Stoner Documentary | Medical Marijuana Helps Autistic Rage

Parents in Portland Oregon, have turned to medical marijuana in a last desperate bid to curb his self destructive behavior. Eleven year old Alex Echols, would erupt into such violent rages he would bruise his entire face headbutting into walls around the house. Although his parents tried everything from buying him a protective helmet to mood altering drugs nothing seemed to work. When all had failed they took the heart breaking decision to send him to a state funded group home at the age of eight. Feeling like they had thrown Alex away, the Echols later saw a news story on TV about a family that was using marijuana to treat their autistic son and they found a doctor to approve its use on Alex in the faint hope it might work. After just a few months of treatment, his father said the improvement has been revolutionary.

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Medical Marijuana Helps Autistic Rage



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