The 5 vape batteries designed to conceal

Masters of disguise! The 5 vape batteries designed to conceal

Vaping cannabis oils and wax? Perfecting the stealthy session means successfully not drawing any attention to yourself. But the effort needed to keep it discreet can trigger feelings of anxiety and paranoia – the very feelings that you’re trying to counterbalance in the first place!

How can you hit your concentrates without alerting your parents, teacher, or your boss?

Here’s a run down of the top 5 vapes for wax and oil concentrates that are disguised as everyday objects. These cleverly designed vapes are great for vaping under the radar, without attracting unwanted attention!

1. Penjamin Cart Battery – A Pocket Pen with a twist!

The Penjamin has exploded in popularity since going viral on TikTok. This device is like something Q branch would supply James Bond. It looks like a pen, and writes like a pen. Twist the pen tip to start writing out notes in ink!

But what your boss won’t realize is that the Penjamin is actually a cart battery for 510 oil cartridges. The pen’s pocket clip is the fire button! It is micro-USB rechargeable, has 3 temperature settings, and a pre-heat function. The body of the Penjamin vape fully conceals your cart within it. This both protects your cartridge from accidental damage, and conceals it from view. The removable mouthpiece even shields the tip of your cartridge from sight!

The Penjamin does feel slightly larger than a standard pocket pen. But overall it is the perfect balance of both stealth and functionality. The Penjamin cart pen is the perfect gift for your office worker buddies. It can make their shift much more enjoyable. Believe us – They’ll appreciate it!

2. Puffco Plus – Looks like a standard Vape Pen

The designers at Puffco know that vaping nicotine is broadly accepted in public, but hitting waxy concentrates is still often a no-no. That’s why the Puffco Plus is designed with a sleek, understated vape pen style. Onlookers will assume it’s a standard nicotine vape pen. But Puffco doesn’t make cheap vapes – it is in fact a premium wax pen!

The Puffco Plus boasts a large 0.3g ceramic chamber which can be packed with wax using the integrated loading dart on the mouthpiece. Select from the 3 heat presets, use the hold-to-heat feature, and enjoy a smooth hit! The glossy metallic finish on the device won’t leave fingerprint marks. Nor will it raise any suspicions!

3. Randy’s Inspo Plus – Disguised as an Elf Bar

The Elf Bar disposable design was no accident. Elf Bars are one of the most common nicotine disposable vapes on the market. No one would bat an eye seeing one of these lying on your desk.

But the Randy’s Inspo Plus is actually a wax pen and oil cart battery. The device has a dual-use for concentrates. You can pack wax into the quartz wax atomizer, or screw your 510 thread oil cartridge in, and vape away! It has a powerful 1,000mAh battery, LCD display screen, 5 voltage settings, and fits larger 2g carts.

The device body looks like a fruity disposable vape. It completely conceals your cart or atomizer within the device, hidden away from prying eyes. This is perfect if you want to vape waxy concentrates whilst walking around in public, outside the fire exit at work, or in a bar with friends. All without attracting any unwanted attention!

4. Hamilton Butterfly – With a Butterfly Knife design

The Hamilton Butterfly is a vape battery for 510 oil cartridges. But you wouldn’t guess by looking at it – It looks just like a Butterfly knife! And it opens like one, too. Simply flip one side of the device, and it will open like a butterfly’s wings to reveal your oil cartridge inside.

The opening mechanism is extremely fun to play with, and kept us entertained for hours. Performance wise, the Hamilton Butterfly has a 430mAh battery capacity, USB-C charging, 3 voltage settings and button activation. The anodized zinc alloy housing is durable and hard-wearing. It’s a tough battery that protects your cart within it.

But the main feature has to be the butterfly knife disguise. You can go from vaping your cart, to fully concealing it – with a simple flick of the wrist. If a pocket knife is a common feature of your everyday carry, then even better. It will be even less likely to arouse suspicion!

5. Ryot Verb – Or is it a Zippo Lighter?

What is one of the most recognizable designs in the world of smoking? It has to be the Zippo lighter. The renowned windproof lighter, is known for its sturdy build and a flip top that *snaps* shut. But what we have here isn’t a Zippo.

The Ryot Verb is a 510 cart battery, and truly a master of disguise. Flipping open the top of the device will reveal the mouthpiece of your cartridge (rather than a wick and flint wheel). The device packs a 650mAh capacity battery, variable voltage and pre-heat function.

Although the Verb won’t light a cigarette, this device lets you keep your clouds on the down low. The range of Ryot Verb color options even feature one of the most distinguishable Zippo collab designs – The Playboy bunny!

Masters of disguise - 5 concentrate vapes designed to conceal - Discount Vape Pen

Explore Stealth Cart Batteries

We hope you enjoyed a run down of the top 5 vapes for wax and oil concentrates, that are disguised as everyday objects. If you want to discover more discreet vapes that allow you to vape under the radar – Explore the entire range of stealth cart batteries at Discount Vape Pen!

Written by Tom Riley, Content Lead at Discount Vape Pen. Tom has worked with some of the world’s vape industry leaders since 2017. Outside of vaping, Tom enjoys hiking & surfing.