Mary Jane and Mental Illness

Mary Jane and Mental Illness

Cannabis…..a stoners friend through thick and thin and also a counselor for the mentally ill.

Many people in our modern world are aware of what Mary Jane can do with people dealing with medicinal issues. Cancer patients, insomniacs, anorexics, people from all walks of  life have begun to benefit from marijuana and its healing properties.

But what about Mary Jane and Mental Illness?

Many things happen in the silents of our minds, this is part of what makes us all so beautiful and different.

Those who struggle with metal illnesses are no different from anyone else other than in the way their mind operates.

So there you have it, millions of people that deal with an abstract train of thought,one that causes confusion and hallucinations and not regular daily routines. These are the ones that need the most solace and peace…. something real that they can believe in and vent to,

and so stoners are blessed with Cannabis Sativa.

Many Mentally ill patients have no idea that they have medical marijuana as an option to turn to. Even with all of the therapist visits and medications, and then change of medications, then more therapist visits not once is medical MJ proposed as an end to all the madness.

Day in and day out doctors from all over the world are turning the beautiful and unique youth in revolt into living zombies, yet always looking down on the stoner.

Those with an overactive mind that do partake in stoner culture will tell you in a heartbeat how they feel Mary is more than just a flower, medicine, or gateway drug.

Its Love disguised in the form of a plant.

Something that makes the nervous comfortable again, the paranoid feel safe, and the lonely and forgotten feel loved once more.

Perception is everything and sometimes all it takes is a change in perception to get you off that ledge and back into the arms of grace.

And whether  you choose to believe it or not sometimes that change is a fat ass…..fat ass blunt.

Marijuana brings with her a variety of gifts like relaxation and confidence. Mental disorders are one of the few disorders that on-lookers may not be able to pinpoint right off the bat,

but are often the ones that have the ability to make you feel completely naked.

Here at StonerDays we’re not doctors and thank the stars for that! This blog is just a little some-thin some-thin for all of our readers with fun brains who like to toke it up just to maintain the bits of sanity that we all have left.


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