Kush Expo 2013

Kush Expo 2013 | Stonerdays

There’s certainly no other place a stoner could possibly ever want to be other than the Kush Expo 2013!

This is an event filled with everything you could ever want and expect for. If anyone ever wanted to witness the look of a kid in he candy store, just show up at the Kush Expo and look around at all the weed heads drooling at the mouth. It’s undoubtedly the highest MJ event to take place all year. It’s being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in the forever beautiful Anaheim, California. That means that not only is there going to be non-stop Mary Jane usage, but it’s going to be none other than America’s most wanted, that strong Cali tree.

The activities and booths will be filled with more fun filled stoner action than your smokey brain will be able to handle.

If there’s one thing you want to make sure you remember throughout all the blunt blowing is to get your ass to the Kush Expo 2013.

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes to this event is that you do not need to have a medical marijuana card to attend. This makes it great for out of town travelers that may not live in medicinal states. There will be prizes and giveaways, so come prepared to get lucky. As if things couldn’t get any better there will even be a “420 medicating area” at the event. This means there will be no excuse for everyone in the building not to be floating. You might be able to catch a contact from just walking into the place.

So many things go well with cannabis, Kush especially so it’s only right that the Kush Expo also presents the Hot Kush Girl Contest.

A show that’s sure to provide some overly nice visuals to feast your faded eyes on after all, there aren’t many things better than hot women and fire kush.


When you feel like taking a break from experiencing the best marijuana overload ever, you can chill out in the designated lounge area where you can enjoy food, a liquor bar, and an unforgettable laid back vibe. In short, the Kush Expo has anything and everything our pot head heart desire.


Booths will be set up throughout the convention center featuring a little bit of everything from doctors to dispensaries  artists and growing experts, and plenty of cool accessories and clothing to buy. Tickets are available for purchase online for $14.00 and also going at the door for $20.00.

These are beyond totally awesome prices compared to the amount of fun and experiences you’ll have kickin’ it at the “World’s Largest Medical Marijuana Mega Show”.

The Expo will take place July 6-7 2013 Saturday 12:00pm-9:00pm and Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm. Now that you officially realize how incredible the Kush Expo will be, start saving and keep smoking because we want to see you there!

Kush Expo 2013 | Stonerdays

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