Is The War On Edibles Fair

Is The War On Edibles Fair?

Recently there has been a huge outburst against the sale of edibles. After a few incidents that seemed to point to edibles as the cause, people seem to be really against these tasty treats being sold in clinics. This is unfortunate for patients, as some people can’t smoke due to issues within their lungs. Edibles create a way for patients to medicate without them having to smoke either flowers or concentrates. By banning edibles, there would be hundreds of patients that wouldn’t be able to take the only medicine that works. While some people really do believe edibles to be the work of the devil, I strongly thing that they are wasting their time. I’ll use alcohol as a comparison.


When you walk in to a liquor store, the amount of different colored/shaped/labeled bottles can be overwhelming (sounds eerily similar to how a dispensary would be). There is whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, wine, and others. Just waiting on a shelf for you to pick them up. While some bottles encompass a certain elegance and look as though older, classy people would drink them, there are other bottles with names like Cupcake or bottles full of pink or blue liquid that may easily be mistaken for juice. In addition, supermarkets now sell wine coolers that come in small pouches, strongly resembling the juice boxes produced by companies like Hi-C and Capri Sun. The labeling is even similar, showing tropical beach scenes. Four Loko cans are brightly colored and could be mistaken for Arizona Iced Tea.


The argument that a lot of people use against edibles is that they look like they’re geared towards children. First, I think that the assumption that only children like candy is ridiculous. Adults like sour gummy worms as much as any kid and deserve to enjoy medicate worms whenever they want! By making medicated candies and treats, the marijuana industry is apparently trying to gear sales towards minors, which is not what’s happening at all. Of course candy is brightly colored and interesting to look at. It’s candy. However, parents should be responsible for keeping their edibles out of the way of children, making sure that the two never cross paths.


But while the alcohol industry seems to gear it’s ads and packaging towards children and no one takes notice, the marijuana industry is getting pummeled with negative feedback. If people are so worried about edibles getting in to the hands of kids, then parents should start paying more attention and keeping their edibles out of reach of children. It’s not the edibles fault that humans are just genuinely irresponsible. Those who complain about the flashy nature of edibles also need to remember; there are other products out there that are far more dangerous that are being shown to children, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and living a life based on the idea that money is absolutely everything that is important in life.

Is The War On Edibles Fair?

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  1. itex25 says:

    I can only speak to what is happening here in Colorado,the powers that be are trying to make edible manufacturers portion out the servings in single dose sizes and there is some dis agreement on what that is exactly, say . .10 micrograms to .25 micrograms of course we know that tolerance and experience levels are an individual matter. I think this will cost some canna confection companies a bit more for testing and reformatting automated equipment but in the long run it will be better for the industry and make the doubters realize that this is real medicine. I remember getting a dab of honey 200 mg serving and eating the whole thing , well it knocked me on my ass for about four hours and I quickly learned that about 25-30 mg is enough to ease my pain and give me a far more enjoyable experience. I have recognized that my tolerance to edibles build up fairly quick and if I switch strains, my dosage stays about 25-30 mg while giving me relief from RA and spasticity in my hands and arms. I love the gummy worms too, and would love to see more strain specific edibles for people like me that suffer from these debilitating conditions.
    I must mention here, I am an escapee from the gulag of modern dayTexas police state, this legislature is “ate up with the dumb ass ” and I think the Governor and the apparent heir to this office are semi-retarded , and I would encourage folks to boycott traveling to Texas or spending any money there and to let the merchants in Texas know that as long as they have a militarized civil police force and support the un-American tactic of policing for profit for small quantities of Cannabis ,you won’t be spending time there. This is where the real power in Texas and any other police state can get kicked in the huevos. Boycott these sonsofbitches …… Thank you and would love to see your responses posted here, no more Police states in the USA!!!!!!!!

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