How To Make A Gravity Bong

How To Make A Gravity Bong – Stoners Guide


Whether you’ve run out of rolling materials and there’s no bong insight, or you just want to try a new way to get high, a gravity bong is your answer.

The way they’re designed you can really get some monster size hits from the gravity leaving you very high on only a little amount of weed. This bong gets its name from the force of gravity and the water pushing the THC smoke into your mouth. So get comfortable and ready to inhale as we school you on How to Make a Gravity Bong.

A two liter bottle is the best foundation for you to start this process. Then you’re going to need a larger body of water to dip the 2 liter bottle in. For this you can use a sink, the bathtub, or a bucket, anything that’s going to be larger than the 2 liter.


Next you want to cut about 1/3 off of the bottom of your bottle, a little less than halfway.

The lid of your 2 liter plays a very important role in making sure that it functions properly. Poke a hole in the cap and make it wide enough to place foil on the inside. This will be your bowl for putting in the dankness. Now with a tooth pick or something skinny poke 2-3 holes in the foil bowl, (the smoke will pour into the bottle through these holes)


Place the 2 liter inside the bucket or what have you, but make sure the bottle is already in the water before you put the weed in the bowl otherwise it’ll fly up and probably land in the water.

The next step is the one that’s going to get you higher than you’ve been all freakin’ day.


Once the bud is in the foil bowl and the bottle is in the water, begin to light the herb as you would any ordinary bowl but slowly be lifting up on the 2 liter as well. This draws all the delicious smoke into the open space of the bottle for you to inhale.


Once the bottle is milked to you liking, simply remove the cap and inhale long and deep.

There you have it stoners, a simple do-it-yourself bong that really gets you higher than you thought you would be off that little nug love. Get creative friends, and then get even higher than that.


 How To Make A Gravity Bong

3 thoughts on “How To Make A Gravity Bong

  1. Richard says:

    love this site when I wad younger the only way to get info was from High Times and it wasn’t always available at the store in my small town

  2. Memeth says:

    Dude, i used to think that this method was the great, but is to freking messy for a stoner and we like to keep it simple. Try this i learned in Valparaíso, Chile. Leave de upper half bottle and ducktape a plastic bag in the bottom. fold the bag into the hollow upper part of the ottle, light the weed and pull the bag, this will create vacuum and will keep the smoke in the bag, runscrew the top and smoke. No water is needed because the smoke doesn’t go trough it to filter it as when you use a bong.

    Good smokes.

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