Famou$ Fridays with Bone$

Famou$ Fridays with Bone$

One of my heroes of the music industry is Travis Barker. [if you don;t know who this guy is, please read wikipedia or something] He’s an A-List drummer, father of 2, and owns one of my favorite clothing lines, Famous stars and straps. If I were going to get a tattoo of any one’s face human (besides my dogs’ portrait that WILL go on me once he passes) I’d be dedicated enough to rep. T. Barkers’ face on my body. No homo, it’s a stoner-entrepreneurial respect.


The band Kottonmouth Kings has a special place in their hearts & social media sites for their fans’ band-related ink. I’ve got my crown in chrome on my back! I also have the SRH spade on my right forearm, which instead of getting removed since the falling out over unpaid royalties [#freethekings], I’m going to run with the original idea to fill in the flesh space with UV ink to make that shit POP OUT at parties. If people wanna hate on it, so be it, but I don’t have the actual S-R-H letters, so I can pretty much say truthfully, it’s just because I dig spades. I’ve had my tongue pierced since age 13 [currently 24 y/o]  & even researched body modification online for a while before that. www.BMEZINE.com was my haven for horror stories and success, photos of before & after, etc. You have to pay for the extended membership or just post your own accounts & stories of piercing adventures, that’s what they’re big on. You just write so many words about where you went, who you were with, which artist at the shop did it, etc. The site spells it out very clearly and is responsible for teaching me more about subculture than a lot of other things I’ve invested time in, including: working seasonal & then permanent at Hot Topic & not to mention all the WOMEN I’ve chased before those times, and since then. Speaking of love-interests, I used to sketch out pictures of my ideal female s/o, pierced in all the appropriate & necessary places, with hair that’s some wild, vibrant hue! Some chicks have come close, resemblance wise but never in personality. The girl I like now has the personality NAILED but no face-metal. Ideally, one day I’ll have a doll with rights to decorate her body how I see in my visions. *Le Sigh* Being an artist, I know what it’s like to need to be well-rounded. I prefer writing over all other modalities in the art realm, & I’ll go deeper into my other branched out interests for another piece. Writing is my favorite because I can ensure there are ALWAYS pencil & paper within a 50 foot, visible radius of my position, relative to planet Earth. I have a ton of other sketches for future tattoos, sometimes I keep altering them, which makes me glad that Permanence is something I am hesitant on. My heroes/idols you’ll hear me reference are all people that turned a sh*tbag from “destiny” into rainbows, cash and mary jane. Don’t let anything bring you down! Positive Vibes from ME. -Bone$

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Famou$ Fridays with Bone$

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