Brick Weed

Stoner Dictionary | Brick Weed

Brick Weed: noun 1. a pound or kilo of, usually low quality, marijuana pressed into a block or brick

Origin: mainstream cannabis distributors, predominantly in Mexico, press the product into bricks for easier transport

Example: “This brick weed from my dealer is bunk, I should have gone to the clinic instead.”

Cannabis is a unique plant which requires a lot of nurturing and loving attention. Brick weed is marijuana that has been grown in large quantities outdoors with only basic agricultural needs met. There are certain areas of the world where marijuana is cultivated like this in order to yield mass amounts in a short amount of time for sale. When grown improperly in this manner it results in the buds having very low THC levels and a poor quality of tree. Some places where this is commonly practiced are Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, and parts of South Africa. This type of cannabis is called brick weed because of the way it’s packaged and put onto trucks for export. They dehydrate the weed and press it into bricks for easy transport. Another negative aspect of being packaged in this way is that it is very hard to break up or grind and roll into a spliff or joint. It’s said that brick weed only contains 5-10% THC, really bunk stuff. Depending on where you live it can be pretty popular. Marijuana should always be treated like the important herb that it is. Make sure your female has everything that she needs to flourish. If you neglect your crop, the outcome will neglect you, but if you treat your lady right, she’ll always treat you better.


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