All You Should Know about Autoflower Seeds

With the huge variety of new weed strains available on the market, the popularity of growing your own plants only increases.

While many people are reluctant to start growing their marijuana plants because of the difficulties they might encounter, the process is quite accessible, especially with some new strains. Autoflowering strains are much easier to grow, and many beginners start with them. The variety of such seeds is also quite good, and you can find many autoflower seeds online on specialized sites like In this article, you will learn more about the pros and cons of growing autoflowering marijuana strains.

About Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering strains come from the Cannabis Ruderalis species and are known for quick growth and flowering. They combine Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis genes to produce potent buds. It takes about eight to ten weeks for such strains to produce buds. They have numerous benefits and some possible disadvantages as well. Here are the pros of autoflowering weed strains:

  •   Quick life cycle — the key advantage of autoflowering seeds is that they produce buds quicker than the other strains. It usually takes up to ten weeks for these strains to fully grow and start flowering. Growers take advantage of this factor and can grow the necessary strains quickly. For example, the Haze strains are slower to grow, but if you combine them with Ruderalis genes, you will be able to harvest them much faster.
  •   Convenient growing —many people prefer growing weed discretely, and autoflowering strains might be useful for that. This is because such strains are shorter than the others and grow up to 60 centimeters or 1 m max. They are called dwarf plants for their height, which works in favor of compact and discreet marijuana growing. It is possible to grow autoflower strains safely on your balcony or in the garden. Thanks to the quick growth, it also becomes much easier to grow these plants securely.
  •   High CBD — this might not work for everyone, especially when certain people prefer the high THC strains more, but a high CBD percentage is a benefit for many growers. Everyone has their preferences, whether it is a CBD, THC strain, or an equal mix of the two. However, many users still love high CBD weed strains for their unique effects. If you are looking for such strains, trying autoflowering seeds might be perfect for you, although there are still many different strains to try even within the autoflowering category.

While there are many benefits to growing autoflowering weed strains, there are also certain cons to consider. Keep in mind the following factors if you are planning on growing such marijuana strains:

  •   Smaller yield — because the plants are smaller and grow quicker, they also produce less product. There are fewer buds, and they are smaller in size. While the other strains can grow quite big, these ones grow up to 1 meter tall, which results in less produce. In addition, because the flowering period is also shorter with these strains, this influences the amount of buds produced as well.
  •   Difficult recovery – while autoflowering plants grow quickly and produce buds more frequently, it also becomes difficult to experiment as everything must be done faster. With classic strains, there is a lot of room to work with your plants and experiment with creating new strains or achieving the necessary results. Ifn case anything goes wrong, you can leave the plant in a vegetative state until recovery, but this does not work with autoflower weed seeds. You must be very precise when working with autoflowering strains if you want to achieve the best results.

Despite some drawbacks, such plants might be more suitable for many growers based on their needs and goals.

Watering Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

When growing autoflowering plants, it is essential to water them properly. You must ensure proper draining so the roots of the plants are not constantly in water. The soil you are growing the plants in must be relatively damp while the plant grows but not fully soaked in water. More water will be necessary as the plant grows bigger. Make sure that the soil dries between the watering to avoid overwatering the weed plants.

Final Thoughts

Many newbie weed growers prefer autoflowering seeds for their advantages. Such plants can be grown easily and quickly with more frequent yields. The fact that autoflower plants produce fewer buds can be disadvantageous in the long run, although this is not a problem for beginners or those who do not need a big volume of produce after all. Autoflower weed plants are compact and can be grown conveniently both indoors and outdoors. They usually have a high CBD percentage, which is important to keep in mind. And remember the main rule: consume responsibly to avoid problems with your health and the law.